Saturday, May 29, 2010

National Lampoon's Presidential Vacation

In the midst of the worst ecological disaster in US history, two wars, dozens of undeclared shadow wars, a brewing bribery scandal, a shaky economy that is looking more and more like Zimbabwe's, Chairman Obama did what any red-blooded American President with steel in his spine would do-- pack up the wife, the 2.4 kids, and the dog that has accidents all over the White House and head to Chicago for a vacation.

Don't get me wrong, I understand there's no such thing as vacations for Presidents. It's not like they don't have staff meetings, attend local events, and the like, but this is ugly. Once again, his Chairmanship looks tonedeaf. It looks like he is heading to Chicago to get more instructions from Richard Dailey and the Machine. Once again, it looks like he doesn't care. Once again, it looks like he's being an arrogant SOB.

I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that Chairman Obama could have come down here to Florida, or one of the other states that are standing on the edge of oblivion due to his incompetence for vacation. Sure, Obama's mystique has died a much deserved death, no question about it, but wouldn't it have spoken volumes if the First Family had chosen to vacation in a Gulf state and patronized some of the businesses that are being threatened with extinction ? Wouldn't it be great if Chairman Obama had a little impromptu town hall at a beach side resturaunt in Venice, Florida or munched on jumbalaya shrimp in a Louisiana coastal resturaunt ? Wouldn't be swell if our Dear Leader cut a public service announcement saying "We're getting this situation under control, people. The beaches are still beautiful, the water is still nice and warm, and hey, this seafood is out of this world. The Gulf is not dead. Not by a longshot."

Instead, Obama is heading to Chicago, blowing off a visit to the Arlington National Cemetery to honor those who have fallen in battle defending our freedom (Arlington would have been a fine vacation spot also, despite what the lamestream media would have you believe, we are at war.), blowing off Elkhart, Indiana, which was the location of many of his poop-ulist speeches when he was pimping the ill-fated Stimulus plan, or perhaps the First Family could have visited the San Joaquim Valley in California so Chairman Obama could see first hand how his policies are killing communities throughout the country. (As an educational activity for the kids, Obama could show the kids how to turn on the pumps so the farmers could finally have water.)

No one, including yours truly, is going to pretend that Chairman Obama's job is a bed of roses. No one is going to say he doesn't deserve time off. At the same time, our Dear Leader could have been a tad more sensitive about the timing of this vacation, especially since it comes on the heels of his last vacation, approximately six months ago, when the Christmas Day Skidmark Bomber almost killed thousands in Detroit. (Another fine vacation destination.)

Once again, I'm forced to say it:

God help us all.

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