Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What In The Hell Do We Need Them For ?

This may sound cliche' or like over heated Right Wing rhetoric, but I have a simple question. I have a question that needs to be asked, consequences be damned.

What in the hell do we even need the federal government for ? At this point, what is it exactly that they do ?

Now, I'm not being a wisenheimer. No, I'm not calling for the violent overthrow of the government, so there's no need to call the O-stapo. There's no firmer believer in the rule of law than me, nor is there a bigger believer in the Constitution than yours truly. The question needs to be asked, especially after Janet From Another Planet Napolitano, the dazed and confused head of Homeland Security, said this about the border security hubbaloo in Beirut...oops...Arizona in an Imperial Senate Hearing:

"[the Arizona / Mexico border is] as secure as ever."

Whatever she's smoking, I'll take a bag and I'll need the dealer's digits for a refill.

That's right Arizona, even though over 450,000 illegal aliens are running around doing God knows what, Janet From Another Planet is claiming that YOUR border is secure. Despite the fact that Phoenix, Arizona is now second in the entire world in kidnappings, Janet From Another Planet is claiming all is well, sort of like the way the captain of the Titanic said, "Don't worry, I know a short cut." Not only that, the Bizzare One also claimed that Arizona's new immigration law would siphon off funds needed to apprehend dangerous illegal aliens. Amazingly, no one lost consciousness during the hearing.

Hold onto your hat, this gets better. Now it's time to skewer the Republicans, who also dropped the ball on this:

John Cornyn, the Socialist-lite Senator ftom the great state of Texas, asked Janet From Another Planet about the five (you read that right, five) unmanned vehicles that are patrolling the borders of the United States. Comrade Cornyn then inquired why two of them are patrolling the US/ Canada border and why none of them were in Texas.

Gee whiz, John, I could be spitballing here, but why didn't you mention this during Bush Error ? Why would you wait until all hell had broken loose with the least cooperative administration that you possibly have had in dealing with this ? What was the delay ?

Now, back to my original question: What in the hell do we even need the federal government for ?

It's obvious the federal government is no longer functioning. Any government that can't control its own borders will crumble, just like the Romans did. Barbarian invasions didn't do the Romans in, it was uncontrolled immigration. (There were invaders like the Huns, of course, but most of the Germanic Tribes that entered Roman territory were actually running from the Huns.) The Romans simply lost control of their borders, just like the Big Mommy REGIME has lost control of ours. We have a federal government that is claiming it doesn't have the money to protect our borders like it's supposed to, but thinks nothing of throwing away 786 billion dollars on a failed "Stimulus" scheme that included turtle tunnels in Florida. We have a federal government willing to throw trillions of dollars into the memory hole on a health care plan that no one wants, but can't seem to find more money for border defense. What's wrong with this picture ?

God help us all. Wait, let me say that again with some meaning.


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