Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sh*tty Deals

I never thought that Carl Marx Levin, the aging Progressivevik Imperial Senator from what's left of Michigan, would ever inspire me to do anything. Well, I was wrong. His near Tourette's Syndrome-like chanting of the word "sh*tty" at some hapless drone from Government Sachs has inspired me to think about the "sh*tty deals" Comrade Carl and his gang have imposed on all of us. Let's take a look see:

--An economic "Stimulus" package that included $198 million for Fillipino WWII veterans and turtle tunnels in Florida.

--A health care plan that some in the media are calling "creeping euthanasia".

--Handing over taxpayer money to the Con Artists Formerly Known As ACORN.

--Attempting to have terrorist dirt bags like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad tried in New York at the cost of $200 million a year.

--The coming Vicious Arbitrary Tax or VAT.

--Throwing American citizens in prison for not wanting to buy insurance.

-- Allowing the appointment of eugenicists like John Holdren, communists like Ron Bloom and Van Jones, and perverts like Kevin Jennings to UNELECTED czar positions.

--Ignoring the fact that Chairman Obama received almost $1 million in campaign donations from Government Sachs. Why isn't Comrade Carl calling that "sh*tty" ?

--Ignoring the fact that Chairman Obama received $60 million in campaign donations from SEIU which seem to have given its head, Andy Stern, unlimited access to the White House and an appointment on the Deficit Reduction Committee. (Even sh*ttier, if you ask me.)

--Allowing Janet From Another Planet Napolitano out of her padded cell to become the head of Homeland Security. (That's not just sh*tty, it's also WTF?!)

--Allowing that Ed Whitacre character to lie in that lame commercial about Government Motors paying back its loan five years early (and with interest, no less) despite the fact that Government Motors lost $6 billion dollars in '09.

Obviously, no one in their right mind is going to defend Government Sachs. Yes, I believe they're a bunch of crooks. However, at this point, can the federal government wag its finger at anyone ? Even the Keystone Kops after a few acid bumps are more competent than the Big Mommy Regime in Washington. Isn't odd how if you call a government mistake "sh*tty" you're a racist, bigot, homophobe, Nazi goosestepper who refuses to recycle, but if you call a mistake made by some Gordon Gekko wannabes "sh*tty", you're all of a sudden a hero to the people and the subject of  the Human Rat Keith Olbermann's most disturbing dreams ?

God help us all.

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