Sunday, April 25, 2010

They're At It Again!

The Associated Depressed has just announced that Archie Comics will have its first openly gay character, named Kevin Keller. Kevin will beat Jughead in a hamburger eating contest and win Veronica's heart in the process. Kevin will then have to find a way to break to Veronica that he's gay. Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics' Co-CEO says of the new character's introduction is about "keeping the world of Archie Comics current and inclusive."

Um...Archie Comics are for kids, right ?

Well, not anymore.

Why is it as a society are we rushing kids into adulthood ? To be honest, being an adult sucks. Why can't we let kids be kids ? There will be plenty of time for them when they get older to ponder the issues of the day. Why is this even necessary ? What's next, Reggie gives Betty an STD at the prom ? Jughead becomes morbidly obese due to his eating habits and goes into a diabetic coma ? Archie trades in his jalopy in a "cash for clunkers" deal ? Maybe Moose will be outed for being on steroids. Does everything have to be politically correct these days ?

It doesn't take a Benjamin Spock to realize we are forcing kids to grow up way too fast. That's a shame, because being a kid is a lot of fun. We aren't raising children anymore, we're training the next wave of solidiers for the lefty/Righty war. We shouldn't be indoctrinating children with crap like this. (I would be just as annoyed if there was a "Tea Party" issue as well.) Archie Comics should be ABSOLUTELY ashamed of themselves for allowing itself to go from an American icon to yet another piece of valueless politicalcorrectthink garbage. Once again, children are forced to take to take the backseat so the adults who have screwed up the world can feel better about themselves.

I realize this is but a blip on everyone's radar screen. I get it. It's not sexy like chasing down the lunatics at the Westboro Baptist Church. It's not as exciting as John Edwards' sexual romps. But it is a definite sign that things have gone too far, and really, who is looking out for the kids in all of this hubbaloo ?

God help us all.

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