Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dennis The Leftist Menace

Recently, Dennis Kucinich (Socialist-Mars) had this to say to Asian News International about the drone strikes that are vaporizing al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists: "[We are heading] into an area of unaccountability that leads to blowback, where we actually lose friends, where we inspire anti-American sentiments and fanaticism and radicalism."

In other words, Dennis doesn't want terrorists killed.

One of the things that drives me nuttiest about these Progressiveviks is their lack of understanding of how the world works. What does he want the military to do ? Send them a dozen roses and a box of chocolates ? Is he for real or is he just playing devil's advocate ? What congressman in his right mind would say this with young Americans putting their lives on the line ? What congressman would say this to a foreign news agency knowing full well that it would get back to the enemy ? Really, whose side is he on, anyway ?

One thing I will give Chairman Obama props for is continuing the drone strikes. They save the lives of infantrymen. (Leave it to a whackjob like Kucinich to force me to defend Obama.) Not only that, they bring the fear of God to our enemies. They never know when it's coming and by the time they do realize it, they're worm food. What's wrong with that ? Yes, there are civilian casualties, but right now, that can't be a worry. If the Afghan War is lost, al-Qaeda and or the Taliban will get their grubby paws on nuclear weapons which will not only destabilize the region, but the entire world. The mission in Afghanistan should not be making friends. It should be about stopping al-Qaeda once and for all before they get their hands on nuclear weapons and kill millions of people.

God help us all if Mars allows Dennis Kucinich to once again disgrace Congress in 2010.

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