Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seditious, You Say ?

Recently, Joe Klein of Time Magazine, has stated that the remarks of Sarah Palin and the human cartoon character known as Glenn Beck "rub right up close to seditious."

God bless you, Joe! You're a cure for writer's block!

Seditious ? In what way ? I'll play along, Joe. Just kindly show me a quote where either Beck or Palin call for the violent overthrow of the government and you'll win. Mmmhmm....Still waiting, Joe.....Mmmmhmmm....Can't find a single quote, can you ?

See, all this hubub comes from the fact that Progressiveviks like Klein, Chrissy Matthews, Rachel Maddcow, and The Human Rat Keith Olbermann still think it's 2008 and we should all genuflect to Chairman Obama like he does to foreign monarchs. To Joe, any criticism of Chairman Obama and his half-cocked socialist schemes is at very least, racist, and at very worst, seditious. On the contrary, it is a very patriotic thing to do. After all, didn't Thomas Jefferson say : "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" ?

Really, Joe, you're an educated man. What harm is there in saying: "No, I don't want to pay for my neighbor's mortgage. No, I'm not paying for his health care, either. I don't want to spend one penny to send his kid to college. No, I can decide for myself what lightbulbs to use. No, you're not taking my guns, either. I'll say what I want, eat what I want, smoke what I want, and yeah, I'll use all the salt I want." ?

Is that seditous ? That's the basic mantra of Beck and Palin, and you know what else, Joe ? It's the mantra of a little place we call America. You should come visit once in a while. We'd love to have you.

God help us all.

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