Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona's Immigration Stinker

This just in: Arizona's immigration bill is now law.

You won't find yours truly celebrating.

Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't gone soft. Illegal immigration is one of this country's biggest problems. Yes, illegals are bringing their crime wave with them from Mexico. Yes, I think the military should be guarding our border. (Instead of, Oh I don't know, playing meals on wheels in Haiti, for example.) But is this the only answer we have to such a complicated issue ? Can we as Conservatives laud giving any government the right to stop anyone and ask them for their papers ? We're better than that, folks.

As far I'm concerned, when the government, whether it's state or that behemoth we call the federal government, violates the civil rights of one of us, it violates the rights of all of us. Now, I'm not talking about the fence jumpers, they should go to prison, no question about it, they did break our country's law. Now, the little old lady who immigrated to the States from Mexico legally twenty years ago, should not have to produce papers on demand. That's who I'm worried about. She shouldn't be profiled due to her ethnicity. That's just wrong, and a tad too Nazis occupying Poland for me.

There are many remedies for illegal immigration like severe penalties for hiring illegal aliens, placing a humongous tax on monies wired to Mexico by illegal aliens, severe penalties for renting to illegal aliens, and the like. Of course, having the military patrol our border wouldn't be a shabby idea either. If they don't get across, they don't become illegal. Crazy idea, I know. I'm fairly certain that's why the military exists, to defend our borders. I believe I read that somewhere.

The real villian in this mess isn't the state of Arizona, or its legislature. It's our bloated federal government that's at fault here. Maybe, just maybe, if the federal government wasn't so worried about what lightbulbs we're using, or what the correct flush volume for toilets should be, illegal immigration might not have become such a problem. Maybe if the federal government did its damn job once in a while, knee jerk laws like the one that was passed in Arizona wouldn't be necessary.

Don't get me wrong. I am dead against amnesty for illegal aliens. (Yes, Lindsey, we do "own this".) I think illegal aliens should recieve jail time and one way tickets back to where they came from. At the same time, since when in America do we punish all citizens for the crimes of a few ?

God help us all.

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