Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New Unword

Recently, Chrissy Matthews, another one of the dying MSNBC's "analysts", had a temper tantrum because Rush Limbaugh called Chairman Obama's administration a "regime". The Clown Prince of Journalism said this to Upchuck Todd:

"I've never seen language like this in the American press," and "referring to an elected representative government, elected in a totally fair, democratic, American election -- we will have another one in November, we'll have another one for president in a couple years -- fair, free, and wonderful democracy we have in this country…. We know that word, 'regime.' It was used by George Bush, 'regime change.' You go to war with regimes. Regimes are tyrannies. They're juntas. They're military coups. The use of the word 'regime' in American political parlance is unacceptable, and someone should tell the walrus [Limbaugh] to stop using it."

Nevermind the fact that Chrissy, Rachel Maddcow, and the Human Rat Keith Olbermann used the new unword "regime" on a daily basis during the Bush Error. I even hear Moron Dowd had the unword tattooed on her body in a place she doesn't like to talk about at trendy Progressivevik cocktail parties. However, this column isn't about their hypocrisy, nor is this column about defendiing Rush Limabugh, who doesn't need me to defend him. This column is about how blind, deaf, and down right "f-ing ret"--[Message from Thought Police: You're a slow learner, aren't you ?] the lamestream media has become. Let me ask you, Chrissy, what would you call our Dear Leader's reign ? An exercise in Jeffersonian Democracy ? My God, the man has the Brothers Castro cheering on his health care scam! In case the thrill running up your leg also affected your one celled brain, here's a few tidbits from the last year and change that proves the word "regime" is actually an understatement when describing Chairman Obama's governing style: --Herr ReichKanzler Obama signed into law a bill that could send people to jail for refusing to go along with the plan and buy approved health insurance. --Caesar Obama Maximus embarrassed the Supreme Court at his State of Confusion Address for standing up for Free Speech. He got his fellow Progressiveviks all fired up the way the Romans did when it was feeding time for the lions. --With Cap and Trade, His Majesty would like to decide which light bulbs will be approved for use in his kingdom. --There was a plot to have students write essays on how Il Duce Obama "inspires" them after an address to them during valuable class time that should have been dedicated to, Oh, what the hell, reading and writing. --The new Obamacareless fiat that was signed into law by Shogun Obama calls for 16,000 IRS health care inquisitors to roam the country side and punish those who commit the heresy of not buying health insurance or those who practice maho-tsukai magic. (I hadda keep up the Japanese theme of this joke. Big ol' block of government cheese for the reader who can tell me what a maho-tsukai is.) --El Presidente Obama has appointed the following individuals to UNELECTED czar positions or advisory positions: a propaganda specialist (Yosi Sargent), a eugenicist (John Holdren), Maoists (Ron Bloom, Anita Dunn, Van Jones, and Jim Wallis), and a socialist (Carol Browner). I can't for the life of me figure out what the hell Cass Sunstein is. Viva la Revolucion!

So, as you can see Crissy, the word "regime" is not unwarranted here, but it is a vast understatement of how much trouble we're in as a functioning Republic. I have my own word, and a word that's far classier than fascist dictatorship, which is so 1933. What we have here is the beginning of : Oligarchical Collectivism.

Boy, I can't wait to have Michelle Obama leading our morning exercises on the telescreens.

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