Monday, April 5, 2010

Preval in '12

Recently, Haitian President Rene Preval asked for the foreign food aid to stop.

That's right, in the midst of the one of the worst humanitarian disasters in world history, President Preval asked that food aid be stopped. Apparently, the man "doesn't care about black people" like George W. Hitler, right, Kanye ?

Well, no. President Preval is the only person involved with the Haitian disaster who's using his head for more than a hat rack. Mr. Preval realized, just as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did, that welfare and free goodies are a "narcotic". Mr.Preval, who's showing that he's one smart cookie, realized that the food vendors in his country were going broke. Why should anyone pay for food when it's free from some blue helmeted fascist ? All you have to do is show reverance for your UN occupiers and you get a big ol' bag of rice. Where is there any incentive to rebuild the country ? Where is the drive to succeed if everything is handed to you by some bureaucrat from a foreign country ? President Preval is probably one of the most inspirational men on this planet for making a statement like this. You want to talk about having Spauldings and testicular fortitude ? This guy has more than almost any member of the Imperial Senate, the Shack of Representatives, and certainly more than Chairman Obama, that's for damn sure.

You know, I wish Chairman Obama was more like President Preval. No, I'm not taking it back. The bravery shown by President Preval is what's needed to get our country going again. We should bottle up his drive and ambition and force feed it to Congress. This is rugged individualism at its finest. That "No thanks, I'll take care of it myself" attitude that President Preval is trying to show is what made America great, not beliefs like "no one should go broke because they got sick" or "no one should go broke because they decided to go to college" and other Obamgasms that are sending us to the Third World faster than you could say : "Man, I should have voted for Ron Paul and not listened to Oprah."

We, fellow citizens, are the only people who can right the ship. Catchy slogans and a whole bunch of Hopey Changey crap isn't going to do it. We have to roll up our sleeves, get a little dirt under the fingernails, and do it ourselves. Does it mean things will be uncomfortable and a little hairy ? Yup. Does it mean living like our grandparents did, reasonably and within our means ? Yup. Isn't our freedom and dignity worth it ? Damn straight it is. If Rene Preval, with his country turning into the First Layer of Hell, can say "We'll handle it ourselves" why can't we, the American people say the same ? Remember, we took down the Kaiser, Hitler, the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, and Saddam Hussein. There isn't anything the American people can't do. We just need the courage again.

Or, Rene Preval on the ticket in '12.

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