Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leave The Kids Alone, Damn it!

In case you missed it, yesterday was GLSEN's (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) "Day of Silence" in the schools. The GLSEN gang had students be silent for the whole day to show their solidarity with their gay classmates.

The whole thought of it just turns my stomach, and no, I'm not a bigot.

Let me save some of you some time: No, I'm not a hate monger who hums the Horst Wessel song while ironing my hood and robes. No, I'm not anti-gay, and yes, I would still love my kids if they turned out to be gay, I promise. Yes, bullying in our public schools is a definite problem, no question about it.

See, the reason why this makes my blood boil is the fact that, once again, the Overbearing Opposition is using children to push their social engineering agenda. On the Day of Silence website, there's even a section on how to get middle school kids involved in this insanity. The website even encourages kids to lobby their school administrators for approval. Really ? Has it really sunk to this new low ?

Now of course, they'll be those who congratulate the kids for taking a stand. But what if I tried to organize a "day of silence" for the troops killed in Iraq or Afghanistan ? I'd be called a war monger. What if I tried to organize a "day of silence" for the 9/11 victims ? I'd be accused of ratcheting up hatred towards Middle Eastern students. God only knows what happen if I tried to organize a "day of silence" to recognize our Constitution. I'd probably have an appointment with Party Member O'Brien at the Ministry of Love.

Here's something for the gang at GLSEN to consider: Every one of the major religions in the United States (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) consider homosexuality a sin. This sort of display has the potential to offend a deeply religious student. Who's standing up for their rights ? It sure as hell wouldn't be the ACLU, that's for sure. Sure, the ACLU will go to the mat to allow Nazis to march on Skokie, Illinois, but when was the last time they went to the mat for anyone's religious rights ? I know this may leave some people puzzled, but there are religious people in this world and they have a right not be offended, whether GLSEN likes it or not.

Folks, stopping bullying and harassment is the job of adults, not kids. Children are not protest signs on legs. You want to protest sexual orientation inspired bullying ? Fine, I'm with you on that. Organize a protest outside of the school on the weekend. Go to a PTA meeting. Call the principal. Just leave the kids out of it. Let them be kids, for God's sake, not pawns in some political/ social engineering game where the only losers are the kids. (Call me crazy and off my meds, but aren't schools supposed to be for learning reading, writing, and becoming a useful a citizen, not a Progressivevik drone ?)

God help us all.

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