Friday, April 2, 2010

Why The Seventeenth Amendment Must Die

Imagine, fellow Right Wing Extremists, an America where the engine of Big Government, the hated Seventeenth Amendment is now dead, choked to death by its eco-friendly fuel. You would have this following conversation taking place in every Senator's office during the whole Obamacareless debacle.


Governor: Hello, Senator Reasonable ? How are you ?

Senator: Not bad, Governor. What's on your mind ?

Governor: Well, it's about this whole health care thing. You know, our state can't afford it.

Senator: Way ahead of you, boss. This thing doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. The last whip count had it 75-25, good guys. How's Marissa and the kids ?..........


Since the evil Seventeenth Amendment, the direct election of Imperial Senators for those of you who were victims of our public school system, is still alive, we actually had this:


Governor: Hello, Imperial Senator Himmler ?

Senator (annoyed): What do you want now ?

Governor: Well, it's about this health care thing, our state can't afford it.

Senator: Go f--- yourself.

Governor: No, really, think about it. We can't support a goldfish, let alone--

Senator: Go f--- yourself. Quit crying or I'll give you something to cry about, you little b----. (Slams down phone.)

Governor: (to his aide) I think you gave me the wrong number. I think that was Rahm Emmanuel's phone number.


The moral of the above story is this: until the Seventeenth Amendment is dead and buried, and until the states have an actual voice in the malfunctioning federal government, all the happy-happy-joy-joy Tea Parties, bloggers with really cool handles, radio talkfests, and the one man industry known as Glenn Beck aren't going to amount to a hill of beans in the task of fighting off Big Mommy and her fascist hugs. See, the Progressivevik movement's very existence is due to the fact that the states don't have any say in what is done to them by the federal government. Every time Big Mommy gets into one of her moods, all the states can say is: "Thank you for the screwing. Can we have another ?" The reason for this is the fact that Imperial Senators don't answer to the states, they answer to the DNC and the RNC who control the purse strings of their reelection campaigns. (And, not to mention, their bondage club budgets.) There will be some who claim that that Imperial Senators answer to their constituents, but that's a load of room temperature crap on a stick. If that were the case, Mary Landfill wouldn't have pretended her phones weren't working, and maybe I would not have recieved robo-emails from Bill Nelson thanking me for my support every time I sent him a nastygram informing him that he lost my vote if he went along with the whole Obamacareless charade. To quote our Fuhrer Herr Beck: "I'm just saying."

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a big believer in the Tea Party movement, but I'm afraid they can't see the forest through the trees. In all honesty, it doesn't matter who they send to the District of Communism if the system is still broken when they get there. Sure, there will be the occaisonal Browngasm that will make the crowd ooh and ahh but the problem will still be there. Therefore, I have a little home work assignment for my fellow Extremists: Think about getting the ball rolling about killing the Seventeenth Amendment. If you really are serious about killing the coming fascism in utero, this is the best way start.

I can assure you that it would be a late term abortion we could all support.

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