Friday, February 12, 2010

Blind! Blind, He Is!

Recently, at a Republican shindig, our Dear Leader, Chairman Obama, said the following:

"I'm not an ideologue."

The sad thing is, I think he means it. He honestly believes the snake oil he's selling is actually mainstream thought. This isn't like the bogus claims of "Mission Accomplished" or "I am not a crook", this is what the man actually thinks.

How scary is that ?

We have a sitting President who wholeheartedly believes in socialism and spreading the wealth around. We have a President who wanted to sit down with Iran's religious nut-job dictator without preconditions. We have a President who hates the military so much he can't pronounce "corpsman" correctly. We have a President who claimed tears streamed down his cheeks as a racist pastor claimed "White man's greed creates a world in need". We have a President who not only started his political "career" in the living room of a former terrorist, he appointed communists and Mao-lovers to his cabinet. I could go on, but it's old hat at this point. (Don't even get me started about death panels and the eco-pixie dust known as clean energy.) The point is: This was an incredibly dangerous statement.

The problem with egomaniacs like Chairman Obama is their belief that everyone believes the way they do, and those who voice their opposition aren't just wrong, they're bleeding imbeciles. Obama wasn't trying to defend himself. He was stating the fact that no matter what anyone says or does, he's not budging from his positions on anything. It doesn't matter how much farther the US sinks into the Third World, he's not going to change course. It doesn't matter how many lives and families his policies destroy, he's right and everyone else is wrong, especially the hated Republicans.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not rooting for the Republican party. I am, after all, not a Republican, I'm a Libertarian. Above that, I'm a Conservative. And waaaay above all those labels, I'm an American, and my country is trouble. No matter how many bipartisan ho-downs Obama has, there won't be any consensus on anything, due to Obama's blindness to his own rhetoric. At a time when we need leadership most, we don't have a leader, we have a crybaby wearing expensive suits and having 24,000 dollar date nights.

If this keeps up it will no longer be "We The People", it will be "We The Victims".......

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