Thursday, February 11, 2010


Recently, I watched the 1984 remake of the movie 1984 starring John Hurt. It's a depressing little tale about a futuristic fascist Britain. The hero, Winston Smith, is a writer who is unhappy with the utopian government of Big Brother, which regulates every detail of the citizenry's life. Smith runs afoul of Big Brother when he decides he's had enough of being told what to do and how to do it by some bureaucrat. (Is there any further reason for this not be a "must see" for Conservatives ?)

In any event, when Smith is captured by Big Brother, he is psychologically tortured. One of the many tortures Smith suffers is being given electric shocks for not believing 2+2=5. The torturer wanted Smith to believe 2+2=5 because Big Brother said so, despite the fact that Smith's own common sense told him 2+2=4.

Sound familiar ?

The Progressivevik left believes in the same tactics as Big Brother, although they haven't gotten around to electric shocks. For example, despite the northeast being covered in snow, the government expects us to wholeheartedly believe in the religion of Global Warming and be willing to suspend our disbelief and cough up our hard earned cash. Another fantastic example is how the unemployment rate magically dropped to 9.7% despite the fact there are no help wanted signs in shop windows or the fact that help wanted sections in newspapers are shorter than Barack Obama's resume. And yet, Chairman Obama wants us to stop watching cable news.

Are you kidding me ?

The oldest trick in the book for any government wanting to maintain its power is sleight of hand. While we as Conservatives are arguing the merits of Don't Ask Don't Tell, Obama Hood and his Merry Band of Socialists are cooking up the Value Added Tax, which would cripple the economy further. While the Tea Party Movement was all riled up about Grandma being offed by some death panel, the EPA silently announces that that if Congress (Emphasis on the con) doesn't pass Cap and Trade, they'll enforce enviro-wacko regulations that they have decided must be enacted. Nevermind 2+2=5. If we're not careful, 2+2 will equal whatever the hell the federal government says it is, regardless of how illogical and downright stupid it is.

Never has our beloved Republic been at such a crossroads. Never has our rights to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness have ever been in such jeopardy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. We have the 2010 mid term elections around the corner. I'm not going to come out and scream "Vote Republican!" like some partisan hack. It's deeper than that. Don't waste your time voting for the Donkey or the Elephant, vote for the person who makes the most sense to you. If that person is a Democrat, fine. If that person is a Republican, that's fine, too. If that person burns with the same desire for freedom and liberty that you have, well dear reader, there's your candidate.

November's around the corner. Let's make 2+2=4 once again.

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