Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Conservatism Is Waaay Better Than Progressivevikism

Why am I Conservative ?

You know, after years of being a capitalism loving free spirit, I've never bothered to ask myself this question.

Why ? Why have I chosen to be a hated Conservative when life would be so much easier as an Obama drone ?

The answer is very simple: I have a brain and Conservatism has no set ethos. I actually have an idea how the world works, and you know what ? Conservatism is the only way to go. True Conservative values are a lot more than "smaller government, lower taxes, blah..blah..blah" (Don't get me wrong, these are core values. I just hate the automaton answer that sounds like it was ripped from George Will's brain.) The main core value of any true Conservative is: Freedom.

I'll be honest with you. I'm not in the richest 1% that pays most of the country's taxes. You know what else ? Books on the horrors of Keynsian economics bore me to death. You know what else ? I thought Sarah Palin's calling for Rahm Emmanuel's head was deplorable. But that's okay, you know why ? Conservatism is all about the freedom of thoughts and hearts. You want a big tent ? Go Conservative.

See, true Conseravtism has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with a dogma that would make the Catholic Church blush. It's about using your head for more than a hat rack.

Let's take Sarah Palin's complaints about Deadfish Emmanuel. Ol' Rahmbo, Chairman Obama's top political hitman and his Chief of Staff. He called the the leftwing activists "f-ing retarded" for opposing the Obamacareless scam that was being shoved down everyone's throat. Was it a deplorable choice words ? Sure, but who amongst us hasn't used the new R-Word as an abjective describing stupidity ? C'mon, be honest. We all have. In Rahmbo's defense, it wasn't in a speech. It was a private conversation that Deadfish never thought was going to see the light of day. There's a Yiddish word for this: Yenta. A yenta is a person who sits around complaining about every little thing, and unfortunately, that's what Sarah Palin sounded like when she called for Rahmbo's firing.

Does that mean I'm all of a sudden not a Sarah Palin supporter who hangs on her every word ? Of course not. I'd vote for her tomorrow for President of the whole world if I could. I just happen not to agree with her on this one issue.

Then, we have the Progressiveviks and their Nazi Block Watcher of The Week attitude. (A term first coined by Ann Coulter.) Look, for example, how the Progressivevik left treated Joe Lieberman and his wife Hadrassah. He killed the public option during the Obamacareless debate and the Progressiveviks called for his head and demanded that Hadrassah be fired from the charity boards she works on. Why ? He exercised his own values and went against the herd, so he had to be punished. Nevermind the fact the fact Lieberman himself is so liberal he'd cut off his right hand to make a point or that he voted for everything else Obama's goons cooked up. He just happened not to agree with one point and was hung out to dry.

True Conservatism is the Zen Buddhism of the political spectrum. We can disagree without being disagreeable. How does this work ? The foundation of Conservatism is freedom, of both heart and mind.

Freedom....A country I used to live in was based on that.....

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