Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Torching Civil Liberties

War has been declared on civil rights in the United States.

No, we're not talking about the right to put a Crucifix in a jar of urine or losing the right to contact al Qaeda whenever one's in a jihadist mood without the government eavesdropping.

We're actually losing our very right to exist as free Americans thanks to the Obamacareless plan that the liberals wish to inflict upon the United states. Under their fraudulent attempt at "reform", the government will have the power to toss you in jail if you choose not to go along with their little scam. Either you have health insurance or you're paying a fine. Can't pay the fine ? You're going to prison. Isn't it great how these liberals have no problem whatsoever in throwing hard working Americans in prison for refusing to go along with the liberals' plan and yet wring their hands in angst about a terrorist who was allegedly roughed up by Navy SEALS ?

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. The People's Republic of Kansas, maybe, but certainly not Kansas.

If the liberals' You-Better-Have-Insurance-Or-Else mandate is actually inflicted upon us, a Pandora's box of abuses will open with potentially truly ugly results that may soon follow suit. For example, what if Chairman Obama is channeling Al Snore in one his "green" moods and decides that everyone must drive one of those crappy Smart cars ? After all it's good for the collective, right ? Lowering CO2 emmissions and saving us from an environmental armageddon is everyone's responsibilty, right ? What if Chairman Obama decides everyone must have H1N1 vaccinations ? Isn't controlling this "pandemic" everyone's responsibilty ? What we have here is a recipe for governmental chaos that will make prison riots look organized. Every five minutes some egg headed Harvard graduate will come up with some other mandate that must be followed for the common good. They're the intelligent ones, we're the imbeciles. Well, that's not accurate. We'll be pets and they'll be the benevolent masters.

Jump, America, jump! Oh, good America! Now, c'mon play dead! Good America! Who wants treats ?

Whether you realize it or not, the Senate and House versions of Obamacareless are actually single payer health care plans. What difference does it make if insurance comapnies exist if they're being run by Uncle Sugar ? If everyone must buy insurance and it that industry is the iron grip of the federal government, what's the difference between this scam and the single payer scam ?

Easy. No one in single payer countries are thrown in the pokey for not going along with the program.

Our civil liberties are going to burn and we have our friends in Congress lighting the match.

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