Friday, January 15, 2010

Time To Be Even More Controversial!

It has been announced that 10 thousand troops are heading to Haiti.

Hmm....10 thousand....Where have I heard that number before ?

Oh yeah! That's the number of troops Chairman Obama stiffed General Stanley McChrystal, who requested 40 thousand but got 30 thousand troops to make sure Afghanistan doesn't turn into another Vietnam.

Call me crazy and off my meds, but didn't Chairman Obama campaign on how Afghanistan was the "right war" ? Didn't our Dear Leader warn us of the danger of al-Qaeda and the Taliban geting their filthy paws on Pakistan's nuclear weapons ? Remember that dull and uninspired speech he gave at West Point that not only put the cadets to sleep, but preempted The Charlie Brown Christmas Special and disappointed children all over the country ? (I don't have to remind you it took months of dithering to reach that conclusion, do I ? If you're reading my column, you're a politically astute person who also doesn't need to be reminded that McChrystal had to damn near beg on TV for help.)

It's beyond apparent that Chairman Obama is in way over his head and now his inexperience in running anything is crystal clear. He is making a very dangerous mistake that can not only cost American lives but millions of lives in India as well. If al-Qaeda isn't stopped in northern Pakistan, there very well could be a nuclear strike in either the United States or India. In either scenario, that means nuclear war and ACTUAL global warming, as in human beings turning into ash. By not giving McChrystal the troops he needs to finally put an end to this nonsense and instead sending them to Haiti, Obama is gambling with our lives. Given his track record so far, I'm more than a little concerned.

What's even more maddening is we have had three terrorist attacks in less than a year. (The Arkansas recruiting station, Benedict Hasan, and the Skidmark Bomber). al-Qaeda isn't retreating, they're reloading. (Yes, I stole that line from Sarah Palin and her awesome book Going Rogue.) They're more dangerous than ever, and yet Chairman Obama has decided that Haiti is one of his top priorities. Yes, it's a tragedy, but Obama was not selected by the media to be our President to fix Haiti, he was selected to protect the United States. Those horrific scenes we see in Haiti could be an American city after some jihadist ignites a "dirty" nuclear weapon. Think it can't happen ? The Skidmark Bomber walked through security at a foreign airport despite his own father ratting him out to the US State of Confusion Department and being on all kinds of terror watch lists. Two attention seekers waltzed through White House security and crashed a state dinner. Not exactly a record of success, is it ?

Another thing, why are we sending thousands of troops into Haiti when that manpower is needed on the Mexican border ? I know, I'm a Hispanophobe, right, Media Matters ? Last time I checked, the drug cartel violence is spreading to border towns in Arizona and our supposedly brilliant Presidente has remained silent on the matter. Not only that, what's to stop some Jihado-Nazi from slinking into Phoenix and making its inhabitants glow in the dark with a nuclear weapon or walking into an elementary school with those ever so fashionable dynamite vests ? The cold hard truth: ABSOLUTELY nothing but a chain link fence with a lot of holes in it and a few dedicated Border Patrol agents. That's all that stands in their way.

Now, I don't want the dorks at Media Matters to think I'm some sort of Jihadophobe, so like Fox News, I'm going to be fair and balanced. Kim Jong Mentally Ill, the Muppet-like dictator of North Korea, celebrated Chairman Obama's coronation by test firing missiles and giving the US the proverbial middle finger. If Chairman Obama was going to be squeamish about sending the requested amount of troops to Afghanistan, fine. What about Korea, Presidente ? I'd have to say a rogue dictator threatening to fire missiles Hawaii's direction is a clear and present danger to our national security. I didn't even need Obama's fancy schmancy degrees from Harvard and Occidental College to figure that one out.

Finally, and I really need to say this since even FOX is afraid to touch this subject with a ten foot pole, what's the exit strategy ? Is Haiti just going to be yet another pit the federal government throws tax dollars into ? If you haven't noticed, our politicians are are masters at sending our troops into harm's way, but, pardon my language here, they really suck at exit strategies. Haiti made Afghanistan look like Oprah's beloved socialist Denmark before the earthquake, now there's anarchy. The only things Haiti exported before the earthquake were pleas for help. Now what ? How will Haiti ever recover economically ? If Chairman Obama can't run the most powerful economy in world history, he sure as hell can't build one from scratch in a country with no natural resources and corruption that almost rivals Chicago's . Guess who's going to foot the bill ? We are! All of us arrogant and dismissive Americans who are losing jobs left and right, that's who. Sure, there's telethons and"compassionate" celebrities pretending to care now, but what about a year from now when both taxes and unemployment shoot through the roof because of Obamacare ? Do you really think the compassion will continue then ? Haiti will turn into a political hot potato as whichever political party not in power will blame the party in power for the continued failure in Haiti, only furthering the suffering of these poor people. Neither Republicans or Democrats will be able to resist the temptation.

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: Obama and his sycophants should get the hell out of the way and let private charities and (sigh!) the UN handle this. He would have done well to cut a public service announcement commercial, flash a smile, annouce a special tax deduction for donations for the Hatian recovery, and watch actual progress unfold.

Who knows, he might learn a few things about the private sector.

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