Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sacred Cows

Recently, Pastor Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh learned, you don't mess with the left's sacred cows, especially their new sacred cow, the misery in Haiti.

Oh boy, are we in for it now.

Limbaugh took heat when he mentioned that "...we've already donated to Haiti. It's called the US income tax." Despite the statement is as obvious as the world is round, left wing bloggers all over cyberspace got off their parents' couches and started up the old reliable "Limbaugh needs to get off the air" machine that runs on eco-pixie dust. Jamison Foster, a senior fellow at the communist backed Media Matters, (Exactly how does one become a senior fellow at Media Matters ? Is there a contest like "who can go the longest without an actual job" ? Enquiring minds want to know.) even went back to 1994 to ridicule Limbaugh's comments on the military coup that brought down then Marxist dictator of Haiti, Aristide. The left also cried and cried about Limbaugh's other commentary that claimed Obama would use the tragedy to enhance his standing with the "light-skinned and dark-skinned members of the black community." The sad thing is, Limbaugh wasn't mocking blacks, he was mocking Imperial Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (S-NV) and even the lackwits at Media Matters knew it, but the fired away at Limbaugh anyway. I guess when it comes to defending their sacred cows, the left leaves common sense at the door.

Now, Rush Limbaugh is a big boy and he doesn't need me to defend him. But I will defend Pat Robertson and the beating he took all over the media, even from FOX news. In case you've been hiding in a cave with Osama Bin Laden the last couple of days, Pat Robertson has been ridiculed up and down for a little story he told about how Haiti was cursed because they made a deal with the devil to be free from France. (If Obamacareless passes, I'll wager many people will be willing to make the same deal to get rid of it, but that's another story for another time.) Now, being the understanding soul that I am, I'll explain Robertson's view to the leftists since Christianity is a foreign view to them like "work" and "shower". There's this Book that Christians believe in called a Bible. In this Book, natural disasters are explained as God's anger. No, you won't find Robertson's Haiti story in there, it's a legend with as many holes in it as the liberals' religion of Man Made Global Warming. To a fundamentalist Christian (and also the Catholic Church) belief that the devil exists to torture mankind is an article of faith, just like to liberals it's an article of faith to believe that raising taxes will somehow save the world and lower the earth's temperature or Chairman Obama never heard a racist peep out of Jeremiah Wright despite spending twenty years at his church. Robertson was simply exercising his religious beliefs to claim that Haiti was cursed by the devil. I guess Pastor Robertson should have known better. The only religion considered viable by the left are the ones that inspire lunatics to fly planes into crowded buildings in New York and only the United States deserves natural disasters.

We, as Conservatives, have a responsibility that's kind of fun. We have to turn the left's new sacred cow into steak as soon as possible or the people of Haiti will never get the help they so desperately need. If we leave it up to Chairman Obama's drones, these people will be given a bunch of useless solar panels to start a green economy with Van Jones and his pal Pookie running the show. After the rubble is cleared, we need to get actual business men down there to teach the folks how an economy without foreign aid and rogue dictators work. Finally Haiti will be free of their curse.

The curse of relying on others to forge one's own destiny.

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Steve said...

The truth is that they did make a pact with the devil.

Now the significance you put on that pact I guess has to do with whether you believe the devil is real or not.

But it is one of Haiti's founding myths.

According to Haitian national history, the revolutionary war was launched on the eve of a religious ceremony at a place in the north called Bwa Kayiman (Bois Caiman, in French). At that ceremony on August 14, 1791, an African slave named Boukman sacrificed a pig, and both Kongo and Creole spirits descended to possess the bodies of the participants, encouraging them and fortifying them for the upcoming revolutionary war. Despite deep ambivalence on the part of intellectuals, Catholics, and the moneyed classes, Vodou has always been linked with militarism and the war of independence and, through it, the pride of national sovereignty.

So, yeah if there is a devil, Haiti made a pact with it. Might explain why even though Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island, the Dominican Republic has been far more successful.