Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Failed Jock Known As Olbermann

Normally, I wouldn't waste ten seconds of my life responding to anything Keith Olbermann says, but ol' Failed Jock said something on his program (you know, the one with six viewers) that I'm not going to let slide. In one his nonsenseical rants, the Failed Jock whined about a Neal Boortz comment that went something like this:

"Obamacare will do more damage than a sucessful terrorist bombing and will kill more people as well."

Now, I'm not going to defend Neal Boortz. He's got a big mouth and a big megaphone and needs no help from me, your humble Right Wing Extremist columnist. Not only that, but Boortz's statement happens to be fairly mild, (and true) compared to some of the other things he's said in the past. No, it isn't Boortz's comment that's a big deal, it's the Failed Jock's comments that drew me to my keyboard like a government worker to a bloated pension.

The Failed Jock rhetorically asked what would Boortz do if terrorists killed 45,000 people a year and compared those who oppose the federal government's takeover of our health care plans to terrorists.

"What would you do if terrorists killed 45,000 Americans a year in this country ?" cried the Failed Jock and then he went on to claim that insuarnce companies are "killing 45,000 people a year".

Why on God's green (and not to mention cooling) earth is NBC paying this dork over 7 million dollars a year ? I'm not one who judges other people's salaries, but give me a break. This isn't just overheated partisan rhetoric, this is an outright lie. There is no way to judge how anyone has ever died from a lack of insurance. There is no formula. There is no statistical marker for this. And, for the record, more people with insurance die than without, since 85% of Americans have insurance. It's like saying insurance is bad for your health. It's that stupid.

Political rhetoric is fine. (Hey, I intend to make a career of it.) Lies that insult everyone's intelligence are not.

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