Sunday, January 10, 2010

Counterterrorism For Dummies

Normally I'd skewer Janet From Another Planet Napolitano, Chief of Homeland Lack of Security and NCTC head Michael On Vacation Leiter for their idiocy, but I'm going to show a little Christian mercy. Sure, they fumbled the ball on the Skidmark Bomber on Christmas Day and exposed the people of Detroit to untold horrors, but it's just too easy to make fun of these jokers. It's like shooting paralyzed fish in a barrel. (Are we even allowed to say paralyzed anymore ? Is it disabled ? Movement deprived ?)

Rather than come up with a bunch of snarky remarks, I've decided to give them a few ideas to fix our failing counter terrorism efforts. After all, Chairman Obama isn't going to fire them. (He reserves that right for evil capitalist CEO's.)

The first step in fixing our laughable counter terrorism efforts is developing common sense. The last time I checked, we are not at war with little old grandmothers from Peoria, we're at war with lunatics from the Middle East. No matter how politically incorrect it is, we need to double check folks from garden spots like Sudan, Libya, Palestine, Iran, and any country that has the word "-stan" in its name. Now I know it may ruffle a few feathers, but too bad. This isn't racism, this is being rational. We have borders for a reason. No foreign national has the right to enter the United States, it's a privilege that can denied for any reason. (Like being a member of al-Qaeda, for example.)

One great way to derail these plots is to require foreign nationals from terror breeding grounds is to require that they apply for a US Travel Request six months in advance. During that time, DHS can run a very thorough background check. (Where are they going to get the manpower to do this ? With 10% unemployment, there's more than enough people with plenty of time on their hands.) Now, this background check isn't free. There will be a fee paid by the applicant, helping to defray the cost. (Wow! A government plan that pays for itself! Whoulda thunk it ?) The background check would cost $5000-$15000, and the fee would not be waived for any reason.

While these folks are in the States, they would have to report to DHS once per day and wear a bracelet that provides GPS info on their whereabouts, sort of like the ones used for house arrest. Of course, these foreign nationals could leave their hotels, but we need to know where they're going and what they're doing. Is this an invasion of the foreign nationals' privacy ? ABSOLUTELY. However, they are not American citizens and the Constitution does not apply to them, no matter what the ACLU and Chairman Obama think. If they don't like it, they don't have to come to the US.

Wouldn't be great if our federal government's endless bureaucracy was inflicted on someone else other than American citizens ?

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