Sunday, December 20, 2009

Think Me Mad, Do You ?

Well, it's over.

The bad guys won and we'll have the public option and anyone over the age of 60 should look over his or her shoulder at least once a day.

Huh ? What the hell is he talking about ? The Senate killed the public option and all is well. Either you're off your meds or your tinfoil Glenn Beck hat is too tight.

Think me mad,do you ? Let's examine Chairman Obama's back door plan to run our health care and ultimately run our lives. For months, the cagey Obama and his Merry Band of Socialists have had us fooled with their feigned incompetence. (They had to be faking it! No one is this stupid naturally, right ?)

The moment Harry Reid, the reincarnation of Patton himself, announced to the media that a deal was struck and Benedict Nelson from Nebraska had sold the American people down the river for a couple a mil, it dawned on me that Obama has won and he now has his beloved public option. If you listen closely, you can hear Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin applauding in Hell.

There are two ways a back door public option can happen:

Option 1: The insurance companies will be deemed "Too Big To Fail".

This may sound crazy, but those 40 million new customers will be the death of the health insurance industry as we know it. After being threatened with prison, the sheeple will start buying insurance at absurd rate, netting the big guys like United Healthcare and Aetna billions. After Uncle Sugar takes his 50% cut, Tim Geithner will slither form his hole and warn that that the insurance companies have become too big to govern themselves and the government has to take them over to "protect the economy" from another meltdown. Bingo! Ladies and gentlemen, we have our very own single payer health care plan, complete with its own built in bureaucracy! Ta-da!

Option 2: Obama and his cronies will prove the Cloward/ Piven strategy will also kill the private sector as well.

Ahh..The Cloward/Piven strategy, formulated by socialist love birds Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, designed to overload bureaucracies with endless demands, will be the death of the insurance industry. Once those 40 million people get their hands on those shiny new insurance policies, guess what they'll do: take 'em out for a test ride! Doctor offices will be filled with "headaches" and "dizzy all overs". The insurance companies won't be able to handle all the new claims because there won't be enough employees to handle them. Let's not forget the fact that Obama has already scared the hell out of businesses with that Cap and Trade nonsense and Card Check, so no insurance company was looking to hire anyone. (Why would they ? They were threatened with extinction more times than Al Snore's polar bears.) Let's also not forget that tort reform was conveniently left out of Senate bill as well, so here come the lawsuits! Lawsuits against the insurance companies will spread like a plague of locusts o'er the land. I can see it from now: Chairman Obama strolling to the podium with insurance company "victims" in the background. He'll tell some half cocked story of some single mother of six being denied care because her insurance company was unable to process her claim in a timely fashion, so she assumed room temperature. (Chairman Obama will conveniently leave out the fact she died of a meth overdose or she was an illegal alien not elligible for benefits.) With a heavy heart, our Dear Leader will be forced to announce there is a crisis in health care, and he will have to institute a public option or a single payer scheme to end the crisis. Ta-da! Single payer health care for our own good.

Think me mad, do you ? Remember, this White House's favorite saying is "Nver let a good crisis go to waste."

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