Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Liberals Want To Turn Us Into Cats!

I know that sounds as crazy as Barney Frank becoming next year's first round pick in the NFL draft, but let's observe the similiarities between the way I view my little fuzzballs Boots and Buddi and the way the government now views American citizens.
Despite the fact Cass Sunstein, our wunderkind Regulatory Czar, wants animals to be able to sue humans, I own two little cats. As a responsible pet owner, I am responsible for the well being of the little critters. I feed them, I give them water, provide health care to them, and I make sure their environment isn't overrun by their waste. (OK--Fine! My wife changes their litter pan! But I'm responsible for cleaning any and all cat vomit found on the carpet.),and when the time comes, put them to sleep. Now, the cats really don't do much to earn their keep since catching rodents is out of question since they were declawed. The cats simply exist and are totally dependent on my wife and I for their survival.
Just like the government wants us to depend on it for our survival.
The comparison between the welfare state being created by Obama and Merry Band of Socialists isn't so far off base, is it ? There is a growing portion of society that is becoming more and more dependent on the federal government, and that portion of the population is fast turning into governmental pets. They rely on the government for food and water, health care, shelter, and have been dutifully declawed by their "benevolent" governmental masters. (Wait until the feds get their fat, greedy paws on health care. Then we'll get to see human beings put to sleep for being too old and too sick.)
Why would they do that, you ask ? Well, that's easy. Just like Boots and Buddi give me unconditional love, the federal government wants unconditional love. Now, no one is curling up on Joe Biden's lap while he watches TV, but they want the love known as "votes" and silent, obedient, consent. If the government provides enough goodies, they'll be loved. Why would one bite the hand that's providing free food (food stamps), free or reduced rate housing (housing projects), free health care and God knows what else. (Remember when Nancy Pelosi called the health care "reform" she and her comrades were cooking up a "Christmas present for the American people." If that doesn't illustrate the arrogance of power, I don't what does. Maybe for Valentine's Day, she'll give us the gift of the Value Added Tax.)
In short, the liberals have realized that dulling the edge of the American people with entitlement after entitlement will keep them in office since most Americans will be become afraid of losing their goodies.
The declawing of the American people is even more insidious. I didn't want my cats to scatch me or the furniture, so I had them declawed. The federal government wants their pets declawed, too. That's why we have the "Diversity" Czar Mark Lloyd hatching plots to kill Conservative talk radio. That's why we have the new and bogus "hate crime" laws on the books. That's why we have liberals like Nancy Pelosi and her pal Steny Hoyer insulting Tea Party protesters. Only time will tell when this gaggle will go after the Second Amendment under some lame pretense. Maybe delcawing isn't the right word--may be it should be neutering.
Liberty and Tyranny is not just the title of Mark Levin's great book. It's the choice we have to make as Americans.

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