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Liberals: Useless Idiots

Check out some of the conversations I had on the George $oros funded Nothing was edited and the grammatical, capitalization, and spelling errors by the 2+2=5'ers were left in for full effect.


[A conversation about what Enumerated Power grants Congress the authority to fund NPR, AKA Nazi Propaganda Radio, that somehow became a conversation about the "horrors of capitalism".]

Me: I'd like to know what Enumerated Power grants the "government" the authority to fund Nazi Propaganda Radio (NPR).


Drone: The same power that grants the government to continue handing out subsidies to Big Oil. The same power that allows the government to grant free license to right wing rant radio stations and pseudo Christian broadcasters devoted to funding their luxury lifestyles.

Me: Answer the question: What Enumerated Power grants Congress the power to fund Nazi Propaganda Radio ?

Ignorant Drone: He did. Read it again. Read it until you comprehend it.

Me: He did ? Where ? Who's on first...who's on second...who's redistributing wealth ?

Drone: I am unfamiliar with the organization you reference.What enumerated powers grants Congress the right to give subsidies to a private corporation ?

Me: looks like someone doesn't like Free Speech or the free market. In 2008, Exxon paid 318 million dollars per day in taxes.

[I should have said "By the way, Exxon paid 318 million dollars per day in 2008, but no one's perfect, and when I say unedited, I mean unedited, even if I drop the ball.]

Drone: Apart from being wrong, what does your comment about taxes have to do with anything? Subsidies are subsidies. In fact, the more taxes Big Oil pays, the more profit they made. The more profit they made, the less they should qualify for subsidies. Free speech would be everyone having an equal right to grab the microphone and broadcast using the PUBLIC airwaves. That is not the case, therefore radio does not fully qualify under free speech.

Me: You mentioned big oil, remember ?

Toe Jam: $318m x 365 = $116,070,000,000. No.

Me: "According to the company's income statement, the amount of taxes it paid in 2008 was 2.5 times as much as its net profit. The $45.2 billion profit figure makes a snappy headline, but the $116.2 billion in taxes that it paid is relegated to a footnote—if that. Exxon's tax bill breaks down like this: income taxes, $36.5 billion; sales-based taxes, $34.5 billion; "all other" taxes, $45.2 billion. Although the company doesn't mention royalty payments in its income statement, those payments are likely contained within the sales and "all other" categories.

In 2008, Exxon's tax bill averaged about $318 million per day. "

US News News and World Report--

Google Big oil taxes 2008. This site won't let you put a link on it. [Hmmmmm....I wonder why that's the link:]

[See the full conversation before it goes poof:]


[A personal favorite: Nazis were actually socialists.]

Me: Here's a newsflash for you: Nazi= National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Mussolini began as a socialist.

Nazism and fascism have nothing to do with each other, but both are creations of the political left, just like Communism.

Vomit-Chunk: ...History Lesson:

Reason for Socialist in the title. The Nazi party began as a very very weak fringe party of a couple of guys who wanted to work on post-WWI legislation on taxation in Germany. Their plan was to in essence create an independent. See why they called themselves national socialist was to attract both nationalists AND socialists or to simply get people who were undecided. It was a gimmick. It was so people when they registered saw it they thought hmm I'm a nationalist but I like socialists or...they are also socialists...and other variants...

then Hitler ran with it and changed it...

Plus dude...NAZISM IS NOT LEFT NOR FASCISM...ask all the communists and socialists they killed in Germany...or for that matter Spain NAZI is an oxymoron.

Nazism/Fascism in theory has more in common with objectivism actually so...yeah...its on the right. Sorry, history does not support you.

Me: Or we could go with the truth: the Nazis were socialists.

"The NSDAP [The Nazis] and the DSP [The German Socialist Party] had arisen with the SAME ULTIMATE AIMS [emphasis mine], yet absolutely independent of each other. The main fighter for the DSP, as I have said, was Julius Streicher. At first he, too, had a holy conviction of the mission and the future of his movement. But as soon he could recognize the greater power and superior growth of the NSDAP clearly and without doubt, he ceased his activity for the DSP and the Working Federation, and called on his adherents to join the NSDAP..." ---Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Poop-Nugget: North Korea is officially called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. So because it has democratic it's a democracy, right?

No. You're stupid. A name does not have to equal the parts. [Default Lib Argument Alert!]

Also, the fact that you would actually try to say the Nazi party was a socialist organization (especially after its gaining power) shows that you have absolutely no understanding of socialism or fascism.

North Korea is officially called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. So because it has democratic it's a democracy, right?

Me: How about this little gem, the Nazi Party Platform from 1920, which was used as evidence in the Nuremberg Trial:

"We demand that the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelyhood and a way of life for the citizens."

Funny how that doesn't sound like "Right Wing Rhetoric", huh ?

Me: "No. You're stupid." Oh really ?

"We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America. There must be no place for parasites who draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return. Those who thrive on usury, speculation, money-manipulation, and monopoly form a special class today whose primary interest is the maintenance of the system which allows their form of parasitism to flourish in the first place. We must have an economy based on the long-term interests of the man who works for a living, not the chronic loafer or the man who lives by renting out his capital."

Sounds like some pretty left wing stuff. Guess where I got that from ?

The American Nazi Party's website. [ ]

Me: To finally destroy your argument:

When the Nazis took Jewish businesses and handed them to Aryans, was that not a redistribution of wealth ?


To quote Calvin Coolidge: "You lose."

[See it here before it goes poof:]


[Because this is too damn funny to be legal]

Goon Bag (Referring to another Conservative.) :

Unions are not what got us into this mess. The "Livinginaworldfullofidiots" did. Unions only make up 7% of the work force. Neoliberal policies took care of that. The US motto is now:$kill$kill$kill$kill$kill$kill$kill$kill$kill$kill. Why bother debating? You and you ilk already got your way and now we have endless wars, a declining middle class, rising poverty, and a high infant death rate. This is what you are leaving to your kids: a non-thinking, non-caring, greedy "machine" with no conscience in charge of the government, the media, and the population. You don't even have to waste your time going onto a MoveOn website. You can just sit and do whatever it is you do and feel good about yourself because you are clearly winning the battle. (You are not winning the argument for a sane, just and peaceful world, however, which is what most sane people want.)You are picking at the scab of a wounded civilian. I have no more time for you, LIWFI. A marine from my town had both his legs blown off in Afghanistan and I'm helping with the fundraiser. You go on and spew your venom. I'll be busy caring for my fellow man.

Me: "I'll be busy caring for my fellow man."

By demanding someone else pays for it.

"A marine from my town had both his legs blown off in Afghanistan and I'm helping with the fundraiser. "

I find that very hard to believe. Call me crazy.

[See it here before it goes poof:]


God help us all.

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