Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Call Me Crazy And Off My Meds....

....but I just can't trust Chairman Obama's motives for his UNCONSTITUTIONAL attack on Libya.

Before we continue, Let me be, as our Kenyan President likes to say, "perfectly clear": Moammar Qadaffi is a lump of excrement. He has been a state sponsor of terror who has taken American lives. (The 1986 disco bombing and the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.) If anyone deserves to die, it's this piece of filth. When Qadaffi Duck is out of power, the world will breathe a small sigh of relief.

However, this article is not about Qadaffi. This article is about another Islamic dictator, Barack Hussein Obama.

Chairman Obama has given us no reason whatsoever not to doubt his motives or trust his judgement in this matter. After all (in no particular order) :

•Didn't Obama's Department of Injustice sue the state of Arizona for having the gall to defend itself against the Mexican Trickle Invasion and refuse to send troops to the southern border, yet he rushed to send troops to Haiti and Libya ?

•Didn't Chairman Obama turn his back on the only genuine democracy movement in the Middle East, Iran's Green Revolution ? Didn't he say he didn't want to be seen as "meddling" ?

•Didn't Chairman Obama sit on his hands while General Stanley McChrystal damn near begged for additional troops in Afghanistan, yet he rushed troops to Haiti and Libya ?

•Didn't Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, hand 900 million dollars to Hamas ?

•Didn't Chairman Obama call Egypt's new military dictatorship a "democracy" ?

•Didn't Chairman Obama ask the UN's permission instead of Congress' permission to attack Libya ?

•Aren't many of these so-called Libyan "freedom fighters" al-Qaeda operatives ? Even the HuffingtonandPuffington Post admits it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/19/extremists-among-libya-rebels_n_837894.html

Given our Dear Leader's 2+2=5 logic, is it really a stretch to question Chairman Obama's motives in this matter ?

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

Our "Kenyan" president.

That's where I stopped reading.

Anonymous said...

Are you a drug addict or just a frickin' moron?

Anonymous said...

Has our public noticed that OBAMA
has not '..SAID..' anything
deragatory about Gadaffi?

Has our public noticed that OBAMA
is quietly having a good time
while a '..WAR..' is taking place?

Our brothers and sisters in the
Democrat Party should realize that
this is their country too that is
being paralyzed. Is this what they
intend to leave for their kids and
their grandkids?

I can remember the shambles that
was Russia after a Russian Leader
wrecked that country.

Wise up and help to put our country
back together so that our children
will remember us proudly.

Absolutely Nobama said...

Anonymous #1 Cry me a river.
Anonymous #2 It is you who are the moron. You can't dispute one fact I've posted, can you ?
Anonymous #3 OOOORAH!