Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Got Unity ?

This year's CPAC was a mess.

Or a clusterf*ck, if you want to be crass about it.

This year's CPAC could be accurately called a Right Wing demolition derby, Ron Paul's gang chanted "war criminal" at former Vice President DickCheney, Donald Trump and his comb-over called Ron Paul unelectable in return, and Myth Romney pretended to be a Republican. It was ugly state of affairs that almost overshadowed Allen West's magnificent closing speech and Ann Coulter's delightfully vicious anti-lib ranting.

This year's CPAC conference should have been a victory lap for the Right, especially after last November's Midterm Massacre that sent 2+2=5'ers packing by the dozens in Congress and in state governments. Last November proved that America is, despite the Lamestream Media's constant lying, a center-right country. Instead of being the pep rally it should have been, this year's CPAC conference devolved into the usual scratching and hissing match that has doomed the Right time and time again.

Folks, we can't have this.

I can't emphasize this enough: the only thing that's going to defeat the horror that is Barack Hussein Obama is unity on the Right. As we all unfortunately know, the next Republican presidential candidate isn't just running against the Failed Messiah, he or she will be running against the Lamestream Media, Hollywood, and the George Soros funded Socialist Lefty Noise Machine. The left may suck at governing and showering, but they're quite good at campaigning, and they certainly proved that by getting Chairman Obama elected, despite the fact that most five year olds were more qualified to be President. Add those forces to fact that the Left is more than willing to cheat to win elections (See the Con Artists Formerly Known As ACORN and "Senator" Al Franken's "victory" over Norm Coleman in '08.) and, well....forget "tall order". Winning the 2012 election will be a Herculean task, no matter how badly Chairman Obama screws up the economy.

So here's the ugly as Joy Behar truth: United we stand, divided we fall. No, I'm not saying the Religious Right should jump on board the Legalize Marijuana Libertarian bandwagon nor am I suggesting that the Ron Paul peaceniks join the military for an extended tour in Afghanistan. I am not asking anyone on the Right to abandon their point of view. What I am asking everyone to do is realize that the coming 2012 election will be one of the biggest in American history. If the Right loses, America will become a failed European socialist state. If the Right wins, America will be on the path towards a rebirth. There's no gray area anymore. (Which is also why RINOs, like Myth Romney, must defeated in the upcoming primary, but that's another rant for another time.)

Conservatives, it's either unity or socialism. You decide.

God help us all.


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