Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Is Not A Good Sign, Not By A Long Shot.

On January 23, Little Dickie Durbin (S-Ill) had this to say to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday:


"China, our major creditor, is in a position where tomorrow, if they've announced that they've lost confidence in the dollar and the American economy, it would have a devastating impact on people across America, businesses, homeowners, people who rely on interest rates in terms of their own daily activities."



Needless to say, I have never agreed with Little Dickie on anything. After all, the Dickster believes in social justice, wealth redistribution, the lie/false religion known as Climate Change, and all kinds of 2+2=5 Progressivevik crap-ola, while yours truly is an American who believes in free market capitalism and the Constitution. To call our views oil and water would be a vast understatement to say the least.

However, Little Dickie hit it on the head with the above statement.

If China was to lose confidence in the American dollar or economy and refused to buy our debt, the United States would enter the Third World. Our economic system would collapse, as would our political system. The ensuing calamity would make the Great Depression look like a mere bump in the road. It would be ugly, like Joyless Behar first thing in the morning without make up. (Not that make up really saves the day with Joyless, but work with me here.) So, kudos to Little Dickie for having the Spauldings to say what folks like Glenn Beck have been saying for years. The national debt is a threat to our sovereignty, hands down. Bravo, Dickster, bravo. (I think I need a shower now. I've never felt so dirty. Agreeing with Little Dickie Durbin is the political and intellectual equivalent to sleeping with a prostitute with a sore on her lip.)

How did it get this way ? Sure, there's plenty of blame to go around. The quick and easy answer is Chairman Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies Harry Potter Reid and Princess Nancy, Ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi. After all, they've proven time and time again that they have the spending habits of meth addicts. (Surprisingly, the Stimulus plan was a 786 billion dollar flop. Whoulda thunk it that turtle tunnels and fish ladders wouldn't lead us from the brink ? Imagine what damage Obamacareless will do. ) In the interest of fairness, the George W. Bush Error wasn't much better. Sure, Bush cut taxes, but he didn't cut spending to go along with the cuts. Bush and his RINO herd instead gave us Medicare Part D with no way to pay for it, along with tossing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (remember them ?) on a credit card. (Yes, Bush was right to go war in both cases, but he should have paid for them.) The last 10 years was a text book example of how not to run the country, to say the least. However, as grotesque as the above monstrosities are, they are not the cause of America's problems.

We The People are.

I know this may not be the fashionable thing to say, but it needs to be said. The federal "government" spends more on entitlements than it does on anything else, including defense. ( http://www.usdebtclock.org/ ) The only way out of this mess is to cut entitlements and do so quickly. Socialist Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have to be overhauled, if not abolished if our counrty is to survive. I know how that sounds. I know it sounds heartless. I know it makes it sound like I want to see Grandma living in a box eating cat food to survive, but it needs to be discussed in a rational manner. We can't thrive as a country with the Chinese guillotine dangling over our neck.

Just ask Little Dickie Durbin.

God help us all.

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