Monday, November 8, 2010

I Smell A Rat.....

This just in: According to the, Keith Olbermann will be reinstated and back on the air spewing his hatred on Tuesday.

Inner Party Member Phil Griffin, the Reichsfuhrer of PMSNBC, called Olbermann's punishment of a long, sleepy weekend "appropriate". Apparently, Olbermann donating to political candidates while criticizing others for doing the same thing is perfectly ok. Hypocrisy, thy name is PMSNBC....Or......


And you know what, you should too.

As I previously reported, Keith Olbermann's ratings were slightly better than that of most infomercials. In the second quarter of 2010, Olbermann did horrible in the 25-54 demographic, averaging only 263,000 viewers per night. Professional Women's Curling does better. Never mind catching O'Reilly or Beck, Olbermann was falling behind his peers at PMSNBC. Even the dry and now admitted socialist Lawerence O'Donnell was nipping at his heels.

So, something had to be done. It's sort of like when a sitcom gets dry and adds some useless character or bizarre plot twist. (This is called "jumping the shark", named after a Happy Days episode that showed Fonzie jumping over an obviously fake shark while waterskiing in his leather jacket.) Keith Olbermann's "indefinite suspension" was just that : PMSNBC jumping the shark. Phil Griffin had to make Olbermann "cool" and "edgy" once again. Olbermann's cheerleading for the government was the opposite of that, I mean, really, how cool is it really cheer on government programs that aren't even popular in the first place ? Rebellion against "empty corporate suits in management who want to stop the speaking truth to power" is "cool" and "edgy". Another way to look at it: PMSNBC wanted its own Juan Williams. Why should FOX corner the market in silenced journalists ?

Well, I'll give them credit, it worked. The socialists at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee supposedly garnered 250,000 signatures to have the bitter hatemonger reinstated. Useful Idiots, indeed.

I smell a rat....don't you ?

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