Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Business As Usual: The Dirtbags -R At It Again!

The confetti from last Tuesday hasn't even been swept up yet, but the scheming and posturing has begun.

According to the Daily Caller and, Imperial Senator-elect Joe Manchin is being courted for a party-switch by the Republicans. Among the bribes are a seat on the Energy and National Resources committee and, get this, $1 billion in seed money for a coal to oil project. (Apparently, the Republican party thinks centralized planning of the economy is OK, as long as all involved has an -R at the end of their name. 2+2=5, eh ?)

Are you f---ing kidding me ? Is the Republican leadership this stupid ?

The whole point of the Midterm Massacre was America was sick and tired of crap like this. We're sick and tired of bribes for votes, party switches, and the like. We wanted and still want honest governance. We certainly didn't like the Democrat party's back room crooked deals, and we won't tolerate Republican back room deals, either. It doesn't matter whether there's an -R or -D after someone's name, corruption is still corruption.

Mitch McConnell and his establisment cronies better warm up to this idea and fast: We The People are NOT in love with the Republican Party. Quite frankly, the Republican party just happens to be the lesser of two evils and nothing more. If McConnell wanted more Republicans in the Imperial Senate, maybe, and I could be spitballing here, he could have given Christine O'Donnell a hand in Delaware, made more of an effort to help Sharron Angle in Nevada, or Joe Miller in Alaska. Mitch, that's what elections are for, and that's what Minority Leaders do. I'm quite certain I read that somewhere.

If the Republican party is going to retain the mandate it now has, it has to realize that the Bush Error is over and it has to return to its Conservative roots. America needs more people like Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn in the Imperial Senate. People like Lindsey Grahamnesty, John McPain, Olympia Snowejob, and Mitch McConnell need to go. It's In-Your-Face-Bite-Me-You-Lib-Commies Conservatism is what America craves, and McConnell has already stumbled out of the gate.

Yup. It's business as usual. The dirtbags -R at it again.

God help us all.

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