Friday, September 10, 2010

You Lie! The Sequel.

Remember when Joe Wilson, a previously unknown Congressman from South Carolina, got a whole bunch of finger wagging thrown his direction when he bravely shouted "You lie!" at Chairman Obama during an address to both houses of Congress ?

At first glance, it looked like Wilson was trying to earn himself some brownie points with the growing opposition to Chairman Obama's plots and schemes. Now it looks like "You lie!" was the greatest understatement in American history since George W. Bush declared the war in Iraq was over with his infamous "Mission Accomplished" gaffe.

Let's take a look at Obama Bin Lyin' in action, shall we ?

"Well, I'll tell you how we've changed Washington. Prior to us getting here, as I've indicated before, you had a set of policies that were skewed towards special interests, skewed towards the most powerful, and ordinary families were being left behind." --Chairman Obama at his 9/10/10 press conference.

Call me crazy and off my meds, but isn't Chairman Obama a creation of special interest groups ? During the '08 Popularity contest, Chairman Obama received over $60 million in campaign donations from the communist front group known as SEIU. He was also the candidate of choice of the George Soros- funded Media Matters and Moveon.Dork.I would be remiss in my duties if I forgot to mention Chairman Obama's tenure as an indoctrinator and legal counsel for the Con Artists Formerly Known as ACORN back in the 90's. I do believe our Dear Leader would have an aneurysm if his brain formulates an idea that doesn't have the United Auto Workers label on it.

Verdict: You lie, Chairman Obama!

In the above quote, our Failed Messiah claims to have changed the balance of power from the elite to the everyday person. I don't know what dope he's been using, but damn, I'll bet it's some fantastic stuff. If you'll take a trip down memory hole lane with me, you'll recall a certain health care scam known as Obamacare(less) being signed into law, despite the wishes of the American people. Average joes all over the country went ballistic at town hall meetings, attended Tea Parties, and wrote their Congressmen and Imperial Senators all to no avail as Dirty Harry Reid used the arcane reconciliation rules of the Imperial Senate to bypass the Republican filibuster. I'm no political scientist, but I'd be hard pressed to call last summer's debacle an exercise in Jeffersonian Democracy.

Verdict: You lie, Chairman Obama! Liar, Liar, Hammer and Sickle on fire!

Now here's some honesty for you, folks. This has got to stop or the Republic as we know it will be gone, like the dodo bird. We The People have a right to expect our elected, uh... officials to be honest. We are no longer in a position where we can shrug our shoulders and say "Well, that's politics. They're all crooks." That doesn't cut it anymore. We have to hold these frauds accountable for everything they do and say. Even the seemingly inconsequential quotes like the one above has to be questioned and analyzed. Our nation is at war. Our debt is so out of control it's being called a national security risk by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of State. We must have politicians who are honest with us or the whole house of cards is coming down. Hate to be a downer, but that's the way it is.

God help us all.

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