Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Which One Will Chairman Obama Be Known For ?

Every President has at least one screw up, scandal, or failed cover-up. It's part of the job, like that robotic wave they do every time they step off of an aircraft that taxpayers pay for but never get a chance to use. (Check out Neal Boortz's book, Somebody's Got To Say It, for more on this.) Woodrow The Terrible has Leading-America-Into-World-War-I-For-No-Reason-And-Lighting-The-Match-To-World-War-II-gate. FDR had his Budding-Fascist-Dictatorship-That-Was-Only-Stopped-With-His-Death-gate. Harry S. Truman had his spat with McArthur and Let's-Let-The-Soviets-Replace-The-Nazis-Without-So-Much-As-A-Whimper-In-Eastern-Europe-gate. JFK liked the ladies and lots of them, but he was a prude when compared to Hillary's Less Than Faithful Husband, Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter had the misfortune of being Jimmy Carter. Reagan had to debunk the theory, that despite all evidence, that he was not a divine being. Bush had I'm-Going-To-Pretend-To-Be-A-Conservative-While-Growing-Government-At-An-Alarming-Rate-gate.

No, I did not forget Watergate. Quite frankly, it's rather bland when compared to the crap I've listed above.

Chairman Obama will be a real humdinger for historians 50 years from now.( Hopefully, there will be historians 50 years from now, since the Department of Education and the teacher unions are destroying public education.) Which one of Chairman Obama's many, many scandals will some writer attach -gate to ? Will it be Jobgate, where Chairman Obama's cronies were trying to hand out federal appointments to the Primary opponents of his key political allies in the Imperial Senate ? Will it be Blaggo-gate ? Will it be Panthergate ? Imaginary-Congressional-Districts-Recieving-Stimulus-Money-gate ?

Perhaps our Dear Leader will be known for a blunder, like having a sing-along with Paul McCartney while the Gulf of Mexico is being destroyed or waiting months to send more troops to Afghanistan despite being warned by General McChrystal that we risk failure if more troops are not sent quickly. Maybe history won't be unkind Chairman Obama. There's a good chance he'll be the first President to actually improve his golf game while in office.

In utter despair, I cry out to the heavens--


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