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trend (trend)


1. The general direction in which something tends to move.

2. A general tendency or inclination. See Synonyms at tendency.

3. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion.

intr.v. trend·ed, trend·ing, trends

1. To extend, incline, or veer in a specified direction: The prevailing wind trends east-northeast.

2. To show a general tendency; tend: "The gender gap was trending down" (James J. Kilpatrick).


[From Middle English trenden, to revolve, from Old English trendan.]

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trend [trend]


1. general tendency or direction

2. fashion; mode


(intr) to take a certain trend

[Old English trendan to turn; related to Middle Low German trenden]

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As we can see from the above definition, a trend is a general tendency or motion. The concept of the trend is one of rational man's greatest achievements since it gives those who analyze them correctly the power to gaze into the future with a great deal of success.

Let's look at the trend of ramapant government growth and let's see where it leads us. Before you do, please put away any sharp implements that you might use to harm yourself. This won't be pretty, or sugar-coated. Sorry.

Now, before you ho-hum, and say, "Here we go again, here comes another Right Wing Extremist talking point. Blah. Blah.Blah.", really think this through. In the last 100 years, the Big Mommy Regime has had only one response to any crisis, regardless of what party was in power, it was always more government. More control. It didn't matter if government caused the problem in the first place. It didn't matter whether the crisis was real or not. The only answer Big Mommy has ever had is more government.

Let's take a look at the trend of ever growing government:

Problem: The economy is ravaged by the Great Depression. Solution: Big Mommy establishes the Social Security Administration.

Problem: LBJ imagines there is health care crisis in America. Solution: Big Mommy establishes Medicare and Medicaid.

Problem: Jimmy Carter is helplessly hamstrung by OPEC. Solution: Big Mommy etablishes the Depatment of Energy.

Problem: The teacher unions destroy public education. Kids become stupider by the second. Solution: Big Mommy establishes the Department of Education.

Problem: The Democratic party is hijacked by the Enviro-Nazi Left, which claims the end of the world is seconds away. Solution: Big Mommy estblishes the Eniviromental Protection Agency.

Problem: Islamic terrorists fly planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Solution: Big Mommy establishes the Department of Homeland Security.

Problem: The Republican party is not popular with senior citizens. Solution: Big Mommy creates Medicare Part D.

Problem: The economy is near collapse. Solution: Big Mommy establishes the TARP slush fund.

Problem: The economy has minutes to live. Solution: Chairman Obama signs the "Stimulus" Package into law. When it fails, the socialist dominated Congress begins work on a "Jobs" bill.

Problem: The United Autoworkers Union destroys GM and Chrysler. Solution: Chairman Obama takes them over while demonizing bond holders.

Problem: The unions realize they can't afford to pay for their pensioners' health care. Solution: Chairman Obama signs into law the mystery meat known as Obamacareless that will nationalize health care and get his union allies off the hook.


Now, let's use the above trend to predict the future.

In his speech on Tuesday night, our Dear Leader will call for more goverment. He'll complain that there was't enough government regulation in the Bay of Rigs. He'll claim that there's an emergency that only more government can solve. He'll also push for Cap and Trade, or at very least, a watered down version of it. Chairman Obama will once again promote the Progressivevik orthodoxy that Big Mommy is all knowing and all seeing and that she alone has the answer to the crisis in the Gulf.

Who wants to take this bet ? I'm taking all comers.

God help us all.

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