Saturday, June 26, 2010


In the latest scandal of the Obama Reign of Incompetent Terror, Chairman Obama was forced to fire General Stanley McChrystal, commander of the US forces in Afghanistan. In an aptly named article for Rolling Stone magazine named "The Runaway General", McChrystal's staff made scathing remarks about our Dear Leader's preparedness for meetings with McCrystal, the US envoys to the corrupt Afghan government, and Vice President Joe Biden.

I'll give credit where credit is due. Obama did the right thing by canning McChrystal. Civilian control of the military is one of the hallmarks of American democracy. It's what seperates from us from the military juntas we see all over the world. We can't have a commander leading troops in the field who is not on the same page as the President. This is why many famous generals, like Douglas McArthur and George Patton, have been publicly fired in the past. It is extremely dangerous to democracy to allow military commanders to do and say what they please, so let's give Chairman Obama a round of golf claps for doing the right thing for a change.


what Stanley McCrystal did was one of the most patriotic things I've ever seen.

McCrystal knew what he was doing when he let his guys spout off about the war and the incompetent civilian leadership he had to put up with. It was the easiest way to bring sorely needed attention to the war. Let's not forget, McCrystal  has watched Chairman Obama do everything but pay attention to what was going on Afghanistan. He's seen:

  • Chairman Obama spend all kinds of time pushing the Obamacareless agenda.
  • Chairman Obama go after the Olympics.
  • Chairman Obama go on the late night TV circuit.
  • Chairman Obama play crap loads of golf.
  • Chairman Obama send 10,000 troops to Haiti, which is especially galling since it was the exact same number of troops that McChrystal was shorted when he requested more troops. (He received 30,000 instead of 40,000.)
  • Chairman Obama have time for singalongs with Paul McCartney.
Remember, McChrystal is not just any general. This guy is a special forces general. Stanley McChrystal is one the best trained generals in the world. This is a guy who runs seven miles a day. This is a guy who operates on four hours a sleep a day. This is a guy who gets more done by 0600 than the average general would get done in a week. That's what makes this whole situation so understandable. Stanley McChrystal is everything Chairman Obama is not. McChrystal is organized and mission oriented. Chairman Obama....well, he let party crashers into a state dinner for India's Prime Minister and has no idea how to pronounce the word "corpsman". Oil and water would be an understatement.

McChrystal knows the danger we as a nation face in Afghanistan and the only way he could possibly get through Obama's ADD was to nail him in mouth with a crisis that would force him to act. He knew full well it would cost him his career. However, McChrystal didn't care about that. His country was more important to him. The general knew, as long as he headed the war, it would be handled with all the imagination and vigor of a government jobs program. For the sake of his men and women on the ground, McChrystal threw caution to the wind and let his guys talk frankly to Rolling Stone. Change was needed, and the only way to get that change would be to force Obama to appoint another commander. Can we say "All Time Great Patriot" ? I think we can.

God bless you, General McChrystal. More importantly--

God help us all.

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