Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama: Wrong Again

At the University of What's Left Of The State of Michigan, Chairman Obama made the following remark during the Spring Commencement: (You have to wonder what they're commencing to, since there are no jobs out there. The welfare office ? Unemployment ? Back to live with their parents ?)

"Throwing around phrases like 'socialist' and 'Soviet-style' takeover', 'fascist', and 'right-wing nut' may grab headlines, but it also has the effect of comparing our government, our political oppenents, to authoritarian, and even muderous regimes."

Well, I appereciate his concern for the feelings of all of us in the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", but let's face it, Chairman Obama wouldn't stop to pee on us if we were on fire. No, this statement was about our Dear Leader once again defending himself against charges that aren't exactly baseless. The policies of Chairman Obama are socialist, they have lead to Soviet-style takeovers, the Big Mommy REGIME in Washington has become more authoritarian, and you know what, murder is on its way.

Really, your Chairmanship, what would you call the takeover of Government Motors, Chrysler, the student loan industry, and the banks ? I'd be hard pressed to call that laissez faire capitalism. Those are Soviet-style takeovers. Even everyone's new Twitter buddy, Hugo Chavez, wondered if he and the Brothers Castro were to the right of our Dear Leader. Hey, I'm starting to wonder about that too. If taking someone else's money at gunpoint and handing it over to someone else isn't socialism, then tell me what is. I'd really like to know, O Enlightened Alinskyite Prime. You yourself said "it's good when you spread the wealth around." Sorry, that doesn't exactly sound like it came from Milton Friedman or Adam Smith.

As far as comparing the Big Mommy REGIME to authoritarian regimes, why the hell shouldn't we, Chairman Obama ? You just signed into law a bill that requires American citizens to purchase a product as a condition of citizenship. Under the Obamacareless, uh, law, if you don't have health insurance you get penalized. How is that not authoritarian ? How does that not fly in the face of the American ideal of rugged individualism ? How is the federal government not like a third world regime when it allows all of these UNELECTED czars run amok ? How is the federal government not a like a two bit tyrant when it decides what lightbulbs to use and how much water a toilet should use when we flush ? Is that freedom ? Surely, Chairman Obama, in places that you don't like to talk about at parties, you know damn well things like the Fairness Doctrine, Net Neutrality, and idiots like Schmuck Schumer deciding who is and who is not a journalist, is dictator-like and completely un-American but you support them anyway.

Some on the Right, like Bill O'Reilly, bristle at calling Chairman Obama's Big Mommy REGIME fascist or Nazi-like. Well, I don't. Congress has been reduced to the rubber stamp gang that made up the 1933 Reichstag in Berlin. We have a government program in Obamacareless that snuffs out the old and infirm all in the name of fairness. Hitler and his cronies had a similiar program, also in the name of fairness. It was called Aktion T4. Foreshadowing the Holocaust, the Nazis started euthanizing the mentally and physically ill. Granted, Chairman Obama isn't rounding up the elderly and gassing them, but denying them health care on the basis of age is still murder, no question about it. Again, I'm forced to ask you Chairman Obama, why shouldn't we compare your REGIME to Hitler's ? Enquiring minds want to know, Dear Leader.

Is it truly "over the top rhetoric" when the charges are completely true, Barry ?

God help us all.

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