Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nationalist Or Patriot ?

It's funny. Three or four years ago, I would not have not liked someone like me.

I was one of the idiots who hid behind moronic statements like "My country right or wrong" or "Love it or leave it".

That was because I didn't understand the question, or for that matter, even knew what the question was. Am I nationalist or a patriot ?

A nationalist believes in the government. A nationalist believes that the government can do no wrong. They're the Archie Bunker types who slavishly think the government is always right. For example, I thought the Patriot Act was A-OK. I also thought that George W. Bush was the greatest President this side of Reagan. Certainly, I was not a liberal, but I was well on my way to becoming a Progressivevik. I had no idea that folks like John McPain and Lindsey Grahamnesty were crypto-Commies. All I cared about was the little -R behind someone's name. I thought that little -R meant Right, or at very least, Republican.

Then, with the selection of Chairman Obama, I learned what patriotism is all about. Patriotism is the belief in the ideals of the founding of one's country. Nationalism and patriotism are exact opposites. One cannot be a patriot and a nationalist. Governments, and this one in particular, often mutate far from their original values. A true patriot shoves aside the Donkey and the Elephant and asks "Does this person who's running for office match what the Founders had in mind when they came up with this little system of ours ? Or is this someone who's

going to do the 'I have new ideas' crap that have been sinking this country for the last eighty years ?"

With Chairman Obama sinking faster than the Titanic and the mid-terms around the corner, that's what we must all consider. Our country is in no shape to handle the burdens for nationalism anymore. We must elect patriots, regardless of their party. If the Democrat is stronger than the Republican, so be it. We, The People are not We The Republicans or We The Democrats. When we start that nonsense, we're no better than the hated Progressiveviks, who have made identity politics an art form. Folks, we're better than that.

God help us all.

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