Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Martyred By Political Correctness

In Not-So Great Britain, a Christian street preacher named Dale McAlpine was arrested for quoting Biblical truth.

Was he calling the government in London" the great whore of Babylon" that needed to be violently overthrown ? Was he calling for violence against Jews or Muslims ? Negative on all counts. Dale McAlpine was arrested for calling homosexuality a sin. He's the first Christian to be thrown to the Secular-Progressivevik lions.

McAlpine, 42, was charged with violating Britain's Public Order Act after a gay police community support officer overheard him tell someone passing by his street corner parish that homosexuality is a sin. (Which it is, according to the Old and New Testaments.) McAlpine was immediately brought to the Ministry of Love and was stretched on the rack until he admitted two plus two make five. (Just kidding, he was held in jail for seven hours where his cell phone, belt, and shoes were confiscated. They even swabbed his mouth for a DNA sample, took a palm print, and gave him a retina scan.

I'm sorry. What were we talking about ? I got distracted by George Orwell doing 360's in his grave.

As much as I dig George Orwell and Gordon Ramsay, I have no intention of becoming a British Subject, and I'm certain most of you out there aren't, either. However, this seems eerily familiar to the Thoughtcrime....er, uh...."hate" crime law that the Progressiveviks here in the States pushed through without a fight from the Republican sissies in Congress. You've got to wonder how much longer until Princess Nancy, Ruler of The People's Republic of Pelosi and her favorite toady Court Jester Barney Fwank pass their own version of the Public Order Act. We all know Chairman Obama would pull a hammy running towards the table to sign a bill like that. (As we've seen by the Dear Leader's appointment of FCC "Diversity Czar" Mark Lloyd and the ruckus he caused by calling out the Supreme Court at the State of Confusion Address for killing large parts of the McPain/Feingold bill, Chairman Obama is not exactly a staunch defender of Free Speech. That is, unless you're spewing socialist propaganda like his pal Bertha Lewis, the ring leader of the Con Artists Formerly Known As ACORN, or you're an anti-semite like Jeremiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan.) Are we, as freedom loving Americans, going to just sit down and take it once again from these warmed over Commies ?

Thoughts must never be allowed to become crimes. When that happens, all is lost. Actions may be criminal, but thoughts must never, ever be considered crimes. It lead to the worst kind fascism--government domination of the soul. I don't know about you, but I don't want someone telling me what to think or what values I need to have. I can make those decisions myself, thank you very much.

I have a message for the Cumbria police who arrested McAlpine and my friends at GLSEN and gaynewsservice.com (who will, without question, hold this column up as an example of "Right Wing Extremist hate"). Here it goes:

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: It is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

God help us all.

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