Monday, April 26, 2010

Now Can We Call Him A Racist ?

In video distributed by Organizing for America, Chairman Obama called upon the "young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again."

Now is it safe to say our Dear Leader is a racist ?

Sure, we had the twenty plus years in Jeremiah Wright's church where anti-white rhetoric was the norm, we had then candidate Obama calling his own grandmother "a typical white person", the controversial appointment of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the "wise Latina woman" fame, and oh yes, the "teachable moment" where his Chairmanship had to have a "beer summit" to smooth over the fact that he called small town cops stupid for arresting a black college professor. But during those events, one could never say that Barry the Magnificent was a racist, as Glenn Beck found out. It was racist to imply the Messiah was a bigot.

Well, I'm not going to be scooped again. Barack Hussein Obama, the sitting President of these United States is a bonafide, David Dukes style racist. There. I said it. I'm not taking it back. No, I won't say I was misquoted. No, this column will not go into a memory hole. Our President is a racist. Plain and simple.

You really have to wonder what would happen to George W. Bush if he called for the support of the "older people, white Americans, Europeans, and gunslingers who powered our victory in 2000 [to] stand together once again." Rachel Maddcow would, well, have a cow. Ed Schultz would scream at the top his lungs to his ten viewers. Chrissy Matthews would say something totally unrelated, but you would see the angst in his eyes. As for Keith Olbermann, no one would watch, but it's fairly certain he would have some snarky remark. Where's the outrage from them now ?

This is yet another example of the left's intention to keep us a Balkanized society and a play right out of the Alinsky playbook. Chairman Obama, like the Progressiviks who came before him, realized that a divided society is far easier to control than a united one.

He will only divide us if we let him. The very fact that the President of the United States would ever utter such a divisive statement makes me not only physically ill, but shake my head in disgust and say:

God help us all.

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