Thursday, April 29, 2010

In This Corner.....

In this corner, from the great state of Texas, he is the Libertarian warrior, scourge of the Fed, making the establishment Republican Party wince, wearing the Revolutionary War officer's uniform, he is, the Conservative Bomber, Ron Paul!

In this corner, from some say Indonesia and some say Hawaii, and some even say Kenya, he is the Chosen One, the bringer of Progressivevik enlightenment, wearing the Hammer and Sickle trunks, he is the,uh...President of the United States, I give you Big Mommy himself, Barack Hoooosssseinnnnn Obamaaaaaaaa!

Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages.......LET'S GET READY TO RRRRRRUMMMMMBLE!!!!!


Rassmussen reported on April 14, in a hypothetical match-up, Chairman Obama and Ron Paul would duel to a near draw if the election were held today. Our Failing Messiah barely edged out Paul, 42-41.

Gee, what does that say about where America is heading and where it wants to be ?

Now, I'm fairly certain Ron Paul would never take the Republican nomination. Within establishment circles, Paul is considered a whack job. His foreign policies, while Constitutionally sound and quite admirable, are the stuff of fantasy. His adamant views on the size of government and killing useless agencies like the Department of Education and the Department of Energy are laudable, but even Ronald Reagan, the greatest American President not named Washington, couldn't pull off their much needed executions.

So what makes Ron Paul so special ?

He's genuine. He's not toeing the party line. He's a principled man fighting the good fight. Americans appreciate that. Ron Paul is the ultimate idealist in a realm of cynics.

Now, why is Chairman Obama falling flat on his face ?

He's not genuine. He's toeing the party line. He's not fighting the good fight at all, he's acting like a bully. Americans certainly don't appreciate that. Obama, too, is an idealist, but he's creating the realm of cynics.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a big Ron Paul supporter and I think he would be the medicine for what ails this country. However, the sanctimonious, traitorous press would never allow his election. That's ok, I can deal wirth the reality of that. I'm a dreamer, but I'm also a realist. But the Republican Party, if they ever want to be revelent again, should be looking towards Ron Paul for guidance. They should get it through their thick skulls that the American people value their cherished Conservative traditions. They don't want new approaches. They don't want new ideas. They want the Constitution followed. The American people are not like the bleeding imbecile Ed Schultz. They certainly don't think the Constitution is outdated.

The reason why Chairman Obama is failing and failing miserably, is the fact that he views the Constitution as a speed bump that's slowing down his mad dash towards becoming an all powerful socialist premier. The Democrat Party, if it wants to remain relevent, needs to abandon the the Progressivevik movement and go back to being the party of JFK. America needs the Democratic Party of old, just like it needs the Republican Party of old. The Eagle can't fly with only one wing. The Democrat Party of today and whatever sloppy mess the Republican has managed to morph itself into are killing our country.

Will either party ever listen to reason ? Of course not. Listening is not considered an important skill for politicians anymore. So to that I say---

God help us all.

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