Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Already Did

The Progressivevik left has run out of ideas, despite the fact they're waaay, waaay smarter than everyone else.

They're trying another Stimulus bill.

Despite the fact that the last Stimulus package that headlined 198 million dollars for Fillipino World War II vets failed miserably, the Progressiveviks are giving it another go. It's like the old saying goes: "If at first you don't succeed at wrecking the American economy, try, try again to plunge the US into the Third World."

See, the reason legislative slop like Stimulus bills fail like the kid who played XBOX all night before the finals is the fact that isn't organic. Actual capitalism, not the crony capitalism we have now where CEOs run to Washington like two year-olds with a poop in their shorts any time there's a bump in the road, only works when someone has a product that no one can live without, or a service that can't be beat. Government can't do that. Government doesn't understand things like "supply and demand" and "profit and loss". When you add business to government, you get a really fat, bloated round round peg trying to squeeze itself into a square hole. (Or, Rachel Maddow trying to squeeze herself into one of Ann Coulter's little black dresses.)

The latest 35 billion dollar stinker from the Imperial Senate includes 20 billion for "transportation infrastructure" and the remaining 15 billion for "tax provisions" for hiring unemployed workers. On paper, it looks great, especially the tax cut part. But secretly, like everything else the government does, it sucks. (Pardon my crude language, but am I wrong ? These microcephalic morons can't deliver mail, for crying out loud!).

Let's look at the 20 billion for "transportation infrastructure". Tell me: When was the last time a road ever produced a profit ? When it's completed, what does it do ? Sure, it provides easy transportation for goods and services, but what else does it do, other than require further maintenance at taxpayer expense ? Not a whole lot. What happens to the workers when the latest "road to nowhere" is finally completed way over budget and a year or two late ? They're back on the unemployment gravy train once again. This doesn't solve anything or create any actual permanent jobs, it's like putting a band-aid on a point-blank shotgun wound. Actual, permanent, full time private sector jobs are needed, not governmental busy work. (I don't need to bring up the fact that the private sector keeps the bloated public sector afloat, do I ? I do try to keep myself distinct from the other Right Wing Extremist columnists.)

Even more maddening is the "tax provisions" for hiring unemployed workers. Don't get me wrong, it's a step in the right direction. But what good does that really do when you have the avalanche of absurd tax hikes and the evil VAT tax on their way ? The bill calls for a 1,000 dollar credit for workers retained after a year. That's nice, I guess. It's sort of like giving the wife a vacuum cleaner for Valentines Day. Sure, a vacuum cleaner might be useful, but it's not exactly going to help light the fireworks. When Mom and Pop businesses can't get credit, that 1,000 dollar credit isn't going to mean a thing. When the tax hikes for the 250 thousand dollar a year millionaires take effect, small business owners will be crushed under the gauntlet of Big Brother, and won't be able to hire anyone. God forbid Obamacareless or Cap and Trade passes, then we'll see Zimbabwe-like unemployment. Call me crazy and off my meds, but I don't think a 1,000 dollar tax credit is going to help anything or anyone. Bummer, I know.

If Washington was really interested in helping, they'd simply stop trying to help. What these "f-ing ret"---oh wait, that's not politically correct, what these dullards don't get is every dollar the federal government spends must be paid back. Now, I know that's a concept that's hard for Congress (emphasis on the con) to understand, but every dollar they spend will have to paid back somehow, whether it's in higher taxes or inflation for printing money, or worse, another drop of our sovereignty to our creditors like China. I'd be hard pressed to call this help in any way, shape, or form.

Isn't it weird how we went from "Change We Can Believe In" to "Stupid is as stupid already did" ?

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