Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progressivevik Sniveling

In the Central Falls school district of Rhode Island, Superintendant Frances Gallo fired 93 employees of its only, and not to mention failing miserably high school. All the teachers got the ax, as well the administrators and useless guidance counselors. Why ? The Central Falls Teacher Union would not play along with Gallo's programs for positive changes in the school, such as teachers being required to work a seven hour work day (gasp!) and being required to spend two weeks of summer vacation in professional development. (The horror!)

According to the district's officials, of the 800 students, 50% of the students were failing every subject, even basket weaving. Only 55% were proficient in reading, and only, I kid you not, 7% were proficient in math. Needless to say, Central Falls High School is not exactly Haw-vard, and the cure for cancer isn't coming from this school, so in good conscience, Ms. Gallo did the only thing she could do: get rid of the tax money leech teachers and start all over again.

Despite the fact that this is more Mafioso arm twisting by Uncle Sugar, I applaud the move. (Gallo and the school board used federal guidelines to turn the school around.) But like every thing else that involves Progressiveviks and their failures, there's more to this story than meets the eye. The first shocker is CNN's treatment of the affair and, of course, the union's response. There's the real story: How blind the Progressiveviks are to their own failures and how compliant the lamestream media is in covering for them.

Albert Shanker, the Jimmy Hoffa of teachers and American Federation of Teachers head once said in 1985: "I'll start representing school children when they start paying union dues." Since then, teacher unions have run amok, with all kinds of shenanighans, like the infamous "rubber rooms" where teachers in New York City are assigned to instead of being fired, even for sexual misconduct. They report there every day and still collect full pay. At the height of the recession in 2009 (you remember, the one Chairman Obama called the worst recession since the Great Depression and then said it magically went away during the State of Confusion Address. Yeah, the one we're still living in.), the teachers of Miami Dade and Broward here in socialist Florida demanded raises. Education has been in a free fall for decades under the influence of teacher unions. Kids are getting dumber while tax payers are being scammed.

The latest outrage came from the Central Falls Teachers union, who has decided to fight the firings. Children be damned, there are union dues to collect. Are you kidding me ? I know that's what unions are supposed to do, but give me a break. It's not just the teachers whose lives are touched by this, it's the kids and the tax payers. The kids are robbed of their future and the tax payer is robbed blind once again. Jane Sessums, president of the Central Falls Teachers Union whined that the teachers were unfairly targeted and scapegoated. She even had the nerve to say: "We want genuine reforms, not quick fixes that do nothing but create a wedge between teachers, our school, and our community." Well, Jane, what about the wedge the teachers created with their crappy performance ? What about the wedge the teachers created by acting like little brats and not accepting the changes their bosses the superintendant and the tax payer demanded ? One of the many, many problems with public sector unions is the sense of entiltlement they create in employees, even the incompetent ones like the teachers and administrators of Central Falls high school. Teachers, like any other employee on God's green (and not to mention scientifically proven cooling) earth have to perform or get canned. Despite would Hollywood would have you believe, teachers are not selfless saints. A good number of them are nothing more than scam artists living off the fat of the land, and for the good of the kids they misinform and for our country, they need to find new careers. Maybe they can get jobs in Van Jones' green economy.

Now, if your blood pressure isn't at dangerous levels from the last story, perhaps CNN's coverage of the affair will give you an ischemic stroke. On their website, CNN notes: (I cut and paste this from their site and didn't alter it any way.)

(CNN) -- A school board in Rhode Island has voted to fire all teachers at a struggling high school, a dramatic move aimed at shoring up education in a poverty-ridden school district.

Out of curosity, why should that whole "poverty- stricken" nonsense even matter ? The teachers weren't poverty stricken, to the best of my knowledge. Once again, this is the Communist News Network up to their old tricks. Poverty is the problem, not the lunk-heads doing the teaching, or lack thereof. The "poverty- stricken" line immediately puts a Progressivevik stink on the whole article. Now pop an aspirin and let's look at the next little tidbit:

Of the 800 students, 65 percent are Hispanic and for most of them, English is a second language.

Why ? Why would English be a second language ? If this was such a big problem, why didn't the school do anything about it ? More importantly, why didn't Randi Kaye, the author of this drivel, ask that ? South Florida, where I call home, has waaaaay more of an immigration issue than Rhode Island could ever hope to have, and yet, we don't have our schools closing. Does Kaye ask that ? Of course not, silly, that would be heresy to the Progressivevik orthodoxy that guides CNN's reporting. If she were a journalist and not a parrot repeating talking points given to her by the Central Falls Teachers Union and the DNC, she would have looked into how South Florida and Texas border towns integrate immigrant children into American society with great success. You don't even get a whiff of that in this article. Not to sound intolerant and leave myself open to possible hate crime charges, I'm forced to point out that during the last wave of immigration to the United States, immigrant children from the world over came to America and learned English, my grandparents included. If they could do it, why couldn't the kids at Central Falls High ? Was it possible that the school was poorly run ? We'll never know from CNN's scab reporting on the matter. Ms. Kaye was more interested in playing the race card and repeating Progressivevik babble about the "poverty-stricken" area The moral to this story is: We are winning the "culture war", to take a page out of Bill O'Reilly's playbook. Conservative values are taking root, thanks to courageous people like Frances Gallo and no thanks to the teachers unions or the Progressivevik-compliant lamestream media.

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