Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poop-ulist Rhetoric

Recently, at the Blair House Showdown, Chairman Obama, the confused ringleader of the Obamacareless circus, informed fellow leftist Progressivevik John McPain that the "campaign is over".

Well, that's yet another load of what I call poop-ulism. That's when a politician is willing to stack the smelly brown stuff sky high to pander to voters, even though they don't believe a word of it, but they convince themselves that they do. It's the worst kind of lie a politician can tell since it not only involves lying to the voters who pay their salaries, but also it also involves the politician lying to himself.

For example, Obama told McPain the campaign is over, but the reality is the campaign with our Dear Leader is never over. Look back at the State of Confusion Address, when Chairman Obama was mentioning how the big, meanie banks had to curtail the bonuses and pay back the American tax payer. (Which many of them had already done). It sounded good. It made him feel like a man of the people. But I happen to remember a certain socialist and a certain socialist-lite who suspended their presidential campaigns and rushed back to the Distict of Communism to vote on the ill conceived TARP bill which handed the money to the big, meanie banks in the first place without strings attatched. Please email me if you can remeber their names, the first decade of the 21st Century has been a blur.

Don't think for one second that only Chairman Obama practices poop-ulism. He may be a master, but by no means is he the originator. That takes many years of government experience, which we all know now, that Obama had next to none when he was selected by the media--er, was elected as Chairman. Let's look at his opponent in the said selection process,  John McPain. Watching him pretend to be a Conservative has been hilarious, to say the least. I happen to to be one of the folks who recalls that John McPain was a big supporter of inflicting Cap and Trade on the American people. I also happen to remember McPain campaigning on how he was going to close Gitmo and stop enhanced interrogations. Now that the Tea Parties have become all the rage, all of a sudden, Senator McPain is now babbling incoherently about the horrors of big government. While I appreciate his concern and I do admire his enthusiam, it's a tad late for that that now, don'tcha think ? I'm no political strategist, but I can't help but wonder what would have happened if John McPain had the testicular fortitude to campaign that way in the first place. Maybe, just maybe, we would not have a President who has put into his a budget billions of dollars for the criminal enterprise formerly known as ACORN. Maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't have to spend sleepless nights wondering if the United States would still be there when our children's children grow up.

With the 2010 midterms around the corner, there's sure to be bowls full of poop-ulism everywhere. When some re-tread, been there waaaay, way too long partsan hack starts to try to reinvent himself as a Conservative, do yourself and your fellow Americans a big favor.

Tell them to flush it and spray. It's starting to smell.

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