Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Ministry of Truth

n the story Nineteen Eighty-Four, one of the tools Big Brother used to oppress the people of the fictional Oceania was the Ministry of Truth or Minitrue in newspeak. (The Orwellian version of political correctness.) The Ministry of Truth's main job was to delete "unpeople" and "unwords" in order to make history and current events fit into Big Brother's plans. The very glue of Oceanian society was Minitrue and the lies that spewed from it. (Sort of like the lies that spewed from the lamestream media until some guy named Limbaugh came along.)

Despite the success of Rush Limabugh and FOX News, the lamestream media is still at it, cutting out "untruths" and "unpeople" from our collective memory. Let's take a look at this article from the February 17 edition of the Sun Sentinel from the sunny, socialist shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

Audit: Millions wasted in early census effort

Washington-The Census Bureau, a month away from its 2010 population count, has already wasted millions of dollars paying some its 1 million temporary workers who never did the work and others who overbilled for travel, according to excerpts of a Commerce Department audit obtained by the Associated Press.

The audit, scheduled to released next week, examined the Census Bureau's address-canvassing operation last fall, which 140,000 temporary workers walked block by block to update the government's mailing lists and maps.

The project finished ahead of schedule but Census Bureau Director Robert Groves acknowledged in October the costs had ballooned $88 million, or 25 percent, over the original estimate of $356 million.
                                                                                                     --From  news services

Well, gee, that sounds like a real humdinger of a scandal, right ? You wouldn't know that from the Sentinel's treatment of the story. I found this little tidbit on page 16A right next to a picture of freakazoids all dressed up for Mardi Gras. Now, I have nothing against Mardi Gras or the beautiful city of New Orleans, but I would think that millions of dollars being stolen from the federal government would be front page news, wouldn't you ?

Not in the view of Minitrue. We're lucky we got the story at all. Of course, if this had happened during the Bush administration, Rachel Madcow and the rest of her bovine ilk would have burned Bush and Cheney in effigy for this. The Sentinel would have as well. With Chairman Obama and his protectors in the media, well that's another story. With all due respect to Bernie Goldberg, one would say they have a "slobbering love affair" with our Dear Leader ?

The Founding Fathers had envisioned a free press as the back bone of the American Republic. The press is supposed to root out corruption and incompetence by our elected (and UNELECTED, in the case of the Czars) leadership to help the American people make intelligent choices at election time.

But what can we do when the majority of the press has given up its freedom and has willfully joined the Ministry of Truth and allows Big Brother to lie to them ? What can be done when the news is purposely buried ? Or inaccurately reported ? Let's take another look, once again from the Sun-Sentinel, which run a column by David Broder of the Washington Compost, titled "Both parties face the wrath of the public". This also-ran column also ran in the February 19th edition. (Apparently, the editor in chief at the Sentinel was on a "personal day".)

In Broder's non-descript column about how both parties should be terrified of pitchforks and torches which was very lame to say the least, he mentions a very odd statistic. The Obamacareless proposals by the Shack of Representatives and Imperial Senate were supported by 46% of the American people, 49% against. Where did he get those numbers ? Party members O'Brien or Charrington ? Had Broder accessed the Right Wing attack machine known as the internet, he would have found actual polling data. Rasmussen, for example, which only polls likely voters, had it at 39% approval and 58% against. Zogby also had it at 39%. I understand that Broder is a columnist and not a hard news guy, but a columnist has to base his opinions on facts, not desires. I base everything I do here at Absolutely Nobama on facts and research, and I'm not, as of yet, a household name like Broder. Where the hell was his editor ? Or for that matter, the Sun-Sentinel's editor that allowed this drivel to even see the light of day ?

Thankfully, we do have FOX, Rush, and that wacky and zany Glenn Beck, but there is definitely something amiss when any member of the press throws down his objectivity in favor of supporting any political figure or movement. There is a cure, other than just staying home and bitterly watching FOX from sun up to sun down. We can take back the press, too. We as Conservatives can employ our own Cloward and Piven strategy. We can overload the editorial boards with letters to the editor pointing out their various omissions. It's vital that we do so, since FOX can't be everywhere.

Why do I have such a hankering for Victory Gin and Victory cigarettes ?

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