Sunday, February 21, 2010

Absolutely NoGrahamnesty

Usually, I use my column to rant and rave about the latest socialist failure or Progressivevik plot of our Dear Leader, Chairman Obama. However, for this column, I'm going to give Chavez From Another Mother a break, and turn my attention to another Washington-borne annoyance, everyone's least favorite Republican and supposed Conservative, Lindsey Graham.

If you want an example of a dangerous subversive, look no further than the Shame of South Carolina, Imperial Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty (S-SC). At least, for those of us who weren't blinded by Chairman Obama's poop-ulist rhetoric, we knew what we were getting: Some egg-headed professor of law who leaned so far left he's left-handed. (No, really, Obama is actually left handed.) The clues were all there, if anyone were to honestly listen to what the man said during the campaign. In Grahamnesty's case, it's hidden under the usual Conservative "Smaller government, lower taxes, blah, blah,"  But secretly, deep down, Ol' Grahamnesty is hopped up on all kinds of Progressivevik nonsense, like amnesty for illegal aliens and the lie/false religion of Global Warming.

Grahamnesty first drew my ire when he turned against his Conservative base when he went along with George Bush's insane idea for amnesty for the illegal alien CRIMINALS who are helping to drag the United States into the Third World. In a speech , Grahamnesty said "No one owns this" (referring to the wealth of the United States) and my personal favorite "We're going to to tell the bigots to shut up." In other words, Grahamnesty believes that anyone who has the nerve to expect the sovereignty of the United States to be respected and its immigration laws to be obeyed is a racist. Don't get me wrong: I think legal immigration is a great thing. My grandparents were immigrants, just like the majority of Americans'. LEGAL immigrants help us to realize exactly how lucky we are to be in America and some of the most patriotic people I've known are immigrants, like my grandfather who always hung a flag in front of his house on Flag Day or my boss at my it-pays-the-bills-until-I-become-a-famous-columnist job, who was born in Cuba, and makes me look like a bleeding heart liberal. The United States benefits from immigrants like these, not the ones who come to the US ILLEGALLY, and do nothing but soak up as many benefits and freebies as they can. Yet, to Grahamnesty, those of us who think this way, are bigots, despite the fact most Americans believe this.

Now, if one were to put the partisan rose colored glasses for a second, this would appear to be pandering for votes, while detestable to us normal folks, is standard operating procedure for politicians. However, Senator Grahamnesty is also a believer in the lie/false religion of Global Warming, which to any Conservative, is ABSOLUTELY unforgivable. Recently, Barack Graham began working with GE (Is it me or is GE in the epicenter of every Global Warming hubbaloo ?) lobbyists on the "Clean Energy Act of 2009" which mandates that 20% of electricity must come from "clean" energy sources. To add insult to grevious injury, the turbines required for this madness are made, you guessed right, in South Carolina. Once again, the American people will be victims to crony capitalism, this time to help one of the worst Senators of all time be reelected. At this rate, I'd vote for Bernie Sanders or Barney Fwank a hell of a lot faster than I would Lindsey Grahamnesty. At least with those two, the screwing is done in plain view. With Grahamnesty, it's like playing Russian Roulette. You never know how it's going to end up.

If the Republican party is ever going to regain any sort of revelance, it has to purge itself of harmful influences like Graham and his "moderate" pals like John McCain, Olympia Snowe, and the utterly forgettable Susan Collins. These flim-flam artists have no place in the Republican party. (Or Washington, for that matter.) Michael Steele, the head of the RNC, needs to stop hocking his book for a second and lay down the law. These relics from the failed Bush "compassionate Conservative" era should be given a choice: Give up their Progressivevik ideals and rejoin the American people in heart and mind or they can join forces with evil George Soros and join the gaggle of soon to be out of office Democrats. In other words, they can call themselves Republicans and Conservatives all they want, but they would not receive one iota of help from the party. Not one volunteer. Not one pollster. Not one campaign flunkie. Not one endorsement, and more importantly, not one one wodden nickel for their campaign war chests. This may seem a little extreme for some, but the stakes for the American people are too high for crap like feelings or loyalty.

Like Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street : "You want a friend, get a dog."

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