Saturday, January 2, 2010

Subject A &B

I'd like to introduce you to two of my friends: Subject A and Subject B. They will be the illustration of what's wrong Barack Obama's wealth redistribution vision of America.

Subject A was born to a middle class family. Subject A wasn't the brightest or the most athletically gifted person around. He was a likable fellow who always gave it his all. He didn't really have the grades or the self discipline required for college, so he joined the military. After his hitch in the service was done, Subject A buckled down, got a college degree, married his high school sweetheart, and became a solid, taxpaying citizen.

Subject B grew up in the same neighborhood as Subject A. Subject B, however, was a lazy good for nothing. He dropped out of high school and never bothered to get a GED. He lived at home mooching off his mother. He fathered two chidren out of wedlock with two different women. Subject B became an alcoholic and a Meth addict. When Subject B wasn't in jail, he was on welfare, as his mother had enough and threw him out.

So tell me, Chairman Obama, why does Subject B have any right to any of Subject A's wealth ?

That comparison illustrates what's wrong with Chairman Barack Obama's "spread the wealth around" mentality. According to the Declaration of Independence, both were created equal, but each used his equality differently. Subject A made something of himself and Subject B did not. Subject A wasn't born into wealth. He wasn't blessed with any special talents. He was simply a plugger, your everyday working stiff that liberals like Obama have decided has enough to spare to give to Subject B, who is an obvious victim of an unfair capitalist society.

Call me crazy and off my meds, but I'm certain this is not what The Founding Fathers had in mind.

Liberals like to believe they're helping the Subject B's of the world, but like everything else they do, they drop the ball, mostly on the heads of the Subject A's of the world. Take the Obamacareless debate, for instance. Subsidies for health insurance will be paid for the Subject B's of the world out of Subject A's pocket. Why ? If Subject B can't pay for his own insurance, isn't it his own fault ? No one forced Subject B to drop out of high school. No one held a gun to his head when he took he took that first hit of Meth. Subject B ignored Donna Shalala's advice on a certain private activity and wound up with children he couldn't afford. Is that Subject A's fault ? Is Subject A really greedy when he grumbles about having to pay higher insurance premiums and higher taxes for human wastes like Subject B ?

Now to be certain, there are truly those who can't take of themselves, and we as a Judeo-Christian society have a God-given responsibility to take care of them through charity. That's right, good old fashioned, politically incorrect, Bible-thumping, Jesus-loving, and Talmud-quoting charity. Every American has a moral responsibilty in this endeavor. It isn't like Joe Biden's "paying taxes is patriotic" lunacy, but it's the real-deal Judeo-Christian "Love thy neigbor" stuff that gives liberals nosebleeds. The American people don't need to have a gun put to their heads to be charitable. By far and away, the American people are the most charitable people on the face of God's green (and not mention cooling) earth. (To be fair, there are plenty of Islamic and other non Judeo-Christian charities as well. Last thing I need is to be charged with a hate crime for failing to be tolerant.)

You want a solution to the health care problem, Chairman Obama ? Want to fill the 36 trillion dollar hole Medicare and Medicaid have dug themselves into ? How about creating a 100% tax deduction for donations that go to taking care of the truly sick and hey, why not, the Subject B's of the world. As in: you donate 1 million dollars, you take 1 million dollars off your taxes. Major corporations, you know the ones you demonize on a daily basis, would be falling all over themselves to help out. So would the Subject A's of the world that you seemingly have the utmost contempt for. Only they're doing it out of a sense of humanity, not some half baked, socialist utopian ideals dreamed up at Berkley or in some has been European country.

All of us Subject A's need you off our backs, Presidente.

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