Friday, January 22, 2010

Starving For Leadership

I swear to God, this will be my final Scott Brown column.

However, there are issues that need to be addresed since everyone on the Right has lost their mind.

Enough with the Brown for President nonsense.

Recently, "Number 41" was asked by media hack if he was running for President in 2012. Of course, the newest Beatle coyly shrugged off the question since most in the media aren't mentally competent and when they ask moronic questions and it isn't polite to mock those with mental handicaps. Nonetheless, there are many on the Right acting like thirteen year old girls and have started daydreaming about Scott Brown parking his pickup truck at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Well, knock it off.

Scott Brown did the unthinkable and took down the Democratic machine in Massachusetts, which is the most Herculean task the Republican party has achieved in many years. Kudos for the conquering hero, but do I really need to mention the last time America fell in love with a state senator with a charming smile ? Does the Republican party really need its own Chairman Obama ? Why don't we let Harry "I Surrender" Reid give him a key to the Imperial Senate's bathroom before we make Brown the Anointed One Part II ?

I understand why this has happened. The United States is starving for actual leadership. We defintely had it under Reagan and briefly under George W. Bush, but let's face it, do we have that now ? Did we have that under the Walking Hormone Clinton ? Did we have that under the less than inspiring George Bush Sr. ? If you answered yes to any of the following questions, please seek professional help.

The United States is crying out for an actual leader who listens and makes actual decisions. America wants and deserves a President who inspires, not with pretty speeches, but with tangible results that command respect. America wants decisions made quickly and efficiently. These are skills that Scott Brown may have, but he has to prove himself first. There is a big difference between deciding what to put on a state license plate and deciding on sending troops to Afghanistan. If anything, the debacle that has been the Reign of Chairman Obama has taught us the value of experience, and let's face it, currently Scott Brown doesn't bear the scars of actual governance yet. When he stares down a media assault for killing one of Obama's socialist programs, we'll know he has what it takes. (Don't be fooled, the leftist media hated Obamacareless as much as the Right did, too.) When Scott Brown kills a John McPain or Lindsey Grahamnesty amendment or bill, then maybe he'll have what it takes. But we don't know yet, do we ?

Let's hang on to that anointing oil for wee bit longer, shall we ?

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