Saturday, December 26, 2009

Secular Venom

When I was a kid, nothing made me angrier than the term "Do as I say, not as as I do". Nothing on God's green (and not to mention cooling) earth makes me angrier than hypocrisy, especially liberal hypocrisy.

Recently, Mary Sanchez, an opinion columnist for the dying Kansas City Star, wrote a piece called "Uganda makes Warren squirm". It gives Comrade Sanchez's thoughts about Pastor Rick Warren and how he supposedly created a created a monster in Uganda, that his Saddleback Church was responsible for Uganda's treatment of homosexuals. (Which I admit, is horrific.)

I'm not going to sit here and defend Pastor Warren. He's a big boy, and has a large enough megaphone to defend himself. Besides, that wasn't the story. The story is the attitude of liberals toward Judeo-Christian values. Let's take a look at some of the quotes from Sanchez's hit piece on the world's largest religion.

"The US Constitution trumps the Book of Leviticus."

"As part of his schtick, [Pastor Martin] Ssempa likes to burn condoms and organize anti-homosexual parades to rile up the masses."

"So often lately, Conservative Christians childishly claim the pushback they feel is anti-Christian."

"I was among the voices irked at Warren's archaic views when he was chosen to given to give the invocation at Barack Obama's inaugeral." (Who the hell did she want ? The Ayatollah or Mullah Omar ?)

"And his past statements seemingly equating homosexuality with pedophillia and incest were nothing less than repugnant."

"Here in America, one may find Warren's view of human nature and sexuality merely idiotic and annoying."

If she had written this about Islam this way, Comrade Mary would have found herself charged with a hate crime, eh ?

That brings me to my point. Why is it OK for the left to attack Judaism and Christianity, but it's never OK to comment on Islam ? After all, homosexuals in Iran would think Uganda is paradise compared to the treatment they would recieve from the Ayatollah and his death squads. I'm fairly certain Afghan children weren't forced to read Heather Has Two Mommies, either. So what gives ? Why do we have Chairman Obama blithering about "the great religion of Islam" three times in speeches (Cairo, West Point, and Oslo) but never a word about the greatness of Judaism or Christianity. Why do we have Obama making speeches at Georgetown with the Crucifix covered ? Could the left be playing Judeo-Christian beliefs against Islam ? Are they trying to profit from the incessant war between all three of the world's great religions ?

The answer is very simple. Progressive fascism can't co-exist with Judeo-Christian values. (It can't co-exist with Islam, either. The Islamic view on morals is fairly similiar to Judaism and Christianity. And, yes it is a great religion as well.) These fascists figured out long ago that they, not God Almighty, should be worshipped if they want their hairbrained schemes to be realized.

Nazi Germany was relentless in attacking churches and synagogues in the Reich. Lenin persecuted the church, as did Castro. Mao Tse Tung, Anita Dunn's favorite philospher along with Mother Teresa, simply outlawed religion, as did Kim Jong Mentally Ill. Seems to be a pattern, eh ? When God and His love are pushed away, evil always follows suit. Same can be said about Islam, too. The lunatics who strap bombs to their bodies and walk into crowded pizzerias in Tel Aviv aren't following The Prophet, they're actively opposing him. (Same deal with the Ayatollah, al Qaeda, and the Taliban.)

Religion is a great thing for mankind because it reinforces the fact there is something in this universe bigger than man. Whether that something is the God Moses found on Mount Sinai, the God Who went to His Cross for our sins, or The God Who helped the Prophet write the Holy Koran, I don't know. That's for others to explore. But I do know that all three Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were gifts given to us by our Heavenly Father. If we would attempt to learn from them, the world wouldn't be the cess pool we are living in now. That's something secular progressivism will never be able to give us.

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