Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Example Not To Follow

Recently, the Swiss took time out of their busy lives of making watches and laundering drug money to have a national referendum on banning minarets, the tower like structures that mullahs use to call faithful Muslims to prayer. The vote was astoundingly approved by the citizens of Switzerland 57.5% to 42.5%. Most of the backers of the referendum cited that Muslim immigrants were not assimilating into Swiss society and the fears that Switzerland might become a Muslim nation.

The vote in itself isn't the story. After all, a vote like this would never fly in America, and rightfully so. The reaction to the vote is the real story.

The Associated Depressed has reported that the vote might be overturned by the European Court of Human rights. There's your story. An international organization overruling a sovereign nation's referendum.

But how does this affect me ? I'm not Swiss, I have no intention on becoming Swiss, and didn't they do this to themselves by becoming part of the EU and the European Council ?

Well, if anything, this fiasco underlines the danger of Barack Obama's presidency and his citizen of the world attitude. Obama is hard at work attempting to destroy our national sovereignty, and putting us in the same situation as the Swiss find themselves in now. Just look what happened at the G20 meeting with our less than illustrious Chairman representing the US. Obama agreed to a worldwide supervisory body that would flag problems in the global financial system. Mr. Transparency declined to reveal what concessions he made in our names. (On a side note-Where the hell was the Senate ? Last time I checked, they were supposed to ratify things like this. Oh, I know! They were so busy patting themselves on the back for their un-Constitutional "stimulus" package they forgot to do their Constitutional duty.) Basically, we will have foreigners making decisions about hedge funds and tax havens for US citizens, just like the European Court of Human Rights is making decisions for Switzerland.

Call me crazy and off my meds, but throwing away our sovereignty is not change anyone can believe in.

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