Sunday, September 27, 2009

Idiocy, Thy Name Is Liberalism

Recently, as part of a conservative black ops plot, I parachuted behind enemy lines and logged onto the Huffington Post.

Good Lord, do I need a shower.

Will Bunch, author of "Tear Down This Myth", has penned an article titled "The Real Reason They Want Acorn To Fail". In this article, Comrade Bunch tells a heart rending story about Hector Vaca, a poor ACORN employee who was laid off because of the expose' done by the New Woodward and Bernstein, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. He then waxes eloquently about ACORN's humble beginnings and the great work that was done on behalf of the "poor". Bunch even says this gang of criminals ONLY received 53 million dollars over 15 years. (Dontcha just love it when liberals say "only" when it comes to taxpayer money ?)

How on God's green (not to mention cooling) earth can anyone possibly defend ACORN ?

Never mind the videos made by "Those Pesky Kids" (I used that Scooby Doo reference long before Glenn Beck ever did, but not really the point here.), but what about all the allegations of voter registration fraud across 14 states ? What kind of damage has been done to our Republic by this "organization" ? We can all hope and pray that US Attorneys are being truthful when they claim that no fraudulent votes were cast and that this did not affect the '08 elections, but how do we really know ? How can they possibly know ? Are they going to go over every voter log in the US ? No.

Of the "paltry" 53 million dollars that were scammed off of Uncle Sugar, how many ACORN endorsed candidates received campaign donations ? How many thousands of state and local elections were decided by this ? (Need an example ? I'll give you a hint: He was a lawyer for ACORN in 1995 and taught some of their leadership classes. Today, we call him Mr. President. In '07, they donated $800,000 dollars to Mr. Yes We Can.) Well, like my GrandPappy used to say before Dr. Emmanuel ordered the life support turned off, "Where's there's smoke, there's a fire."

While we're at it, how about those "poor" folks ACORN supposedly helped ? Does anyone question how they help the "poor" ? Through quasi legal blackmail and extortion. ACORN's lawyers threaten lawsuits under the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (Thank you very much Jimmy Freaking Carter ! Being the worst President ever just wasn't enough was it ?) and then ACORN's redshirts show up and cry racism until banks start handing out loans to anyone who passes the "breath on the mirror test". Can we say SubPrime Mortgage Crisis ? Yes We Can !

Idiocy, thy name is liberalism.

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