Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Real Loser Of The Great Debt Limit Debacle Of 2011

Now that the dust is beginning to settle from the Great Debt Limit Debacle of 2011, one thing is clear: No one won.

The Establishment Republican Party lost. The RINO herd was exposed once again as the weak-kneed inheritors of the Neville Chamberlain's sorry legacy. The Authoritarian Left lost. Their overheated rhetoric was exposed for what it truly is: Utter crap on a stick. The Conseravtives and the Tea Party fought gallantly, but they too, went down to defeat as they were unable to defeat the apathy of the Establishment Republican Party. Fuhrer Obama lost when his famed Blitzkrieg stalled in the Russian winter known as "reality".

Everyone took a beating, but the real loser, I'm sorry to report, are the future taxpayers of the United States .(Also known as our children and grandchildren, whether they're unaborted, real, living humans or are still sparkles in your spouse's eye.) They're the ones who are truly going to pay for The Great Debt Limit Debacle of 2011. After all, they're the ones who will have it taken from their hides.
As Rush Limbaugh and others have pointed out, The Great Debt Limit Debacle of 2011 is nothing more than a disatrous tax increase. Chairman Obama and his socialist allies have gotten their grubby paws on 2.4 trillion dollars, which will undoubtably be wasted on all kinds of useless crap. That money is going to have be paid back somehow, either by direct taxation, indirect taxation by taxes raised on corporations, or by inflation. (Or a combination of all three. Won't that be swell ?) This tsunami may not hit right away, but believe me it's coming. When it hits, there won't be time to negotiate reasonable austerity. We'll have Greece-like austerity with the added treat of having the rest of the world hating us for setting off a global depression. With that hate will come more terrorism and more wars to be fought by a military that will have to buy its gear at Kmart. Like I said earlier, this may not be something that you, me, or the temporary politicians that have brought us to the brink will have to deal with. Our children and grandchildren will be stuck paying the check.
Is there a way out ?
God, I hope so.


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