Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spooky Dude's "New Vorld Ordah"

There is no human being on God's green and cooling earth as dangerous to the Republic as the Nazi-collaborating George $oros. Over the last couple of months, I've showed how $oros has ties to the very dangerous "Arab Spring" ( and ), I've shown how Furious George and his ratbastard son Jonathan have their tentacles all over fellow Jew hater Chairman Obama's "Financial Reform" scam ( ), I've shown how the Hungarian Anti-Christ has attempted to subvert the Jewish religion for his own selfish benefit ( ), and I've shown how $oros' minions silence critics, like they did to Glenn Beck. ( ).
However, nothing, and I do mean nothing, True Believer, scared the crap out of me more than $oros' own words.
In 2009, Big Brother $oros conducted a series of lectures at his Nazi training, uh, Central European University. In these lectures, Spooky Dude laid out his plans for a "New Vorld Ordah". If this doesn't inspire you to build a bomb shelter and start hoarding ammo, I don't know what will. (Remember, this man is Chairman Obama's immediate supervisor, and he has billions of dollars to make socialist nightmares become reality.)
Check out some of these "holy crap!" quotes from the lectures:

"Of course, the freedom of the individual must be made compatible with the public interest and the freedom of other individuals.
Moreover, the intrinsic value of individual freedom falls short of being self-evident. For instance, it is not generally recognized in China where the interests of the collective take precedence over the interests of the individual. This was the clear message of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. It showed that by doing exactly what they are told at exactly the right time a large collection of individuals can produce a superb spectacle." ---Reichsfuherer $oros at Central European University

Does it get any more un-American than that, gang ?
Rugged Individualism is the basis of American thought. It's also the "yes, I will" attitude that gave us the automobile, the light bulb, the personal computer, triple bypass surgery, and a whole host of other American innovations, yet $oros thinks that it should be thrown to the curb. Why is that ? Rugged Indvidualism is the antithesis to the National Socialism that $oros espouses. You can't dominate people who believe in themselves and $oros knows that you can't have a "New Vorld Ordah" if you have people thinking for themselves and about themselves.
When reading the rest of the quotes that I've provided, keep the above quote in mind.

"Global markets need global regulations, but the regulations that are currently in force are rooted in the principle of national sovereignty. There are some international agreements, most notably the Basel Accords on minimum capital requirements, and there is also good cooperation among market regulators. But the source of the authority is always the sovereign state. This means that it is not enough to restart a mechanism that has stalled; we need to create a regulatory mechanism that has never existed. As things stand now, the financial system of each country is being sustained and supported by its own government. The governments are primarily concerned with their own economies. This tends to give rise to financial protectionism, which threatens to disrupt and perhaps destroy global financial markets. British regulators will never again rely on the Icelandic authorities and countries at the periphery will be reluctant to be entirely dependent on foreign-owned banks.
The point I am trying to make is that regulations must be international in scope. Without it, financial markets cannot remain global; they would be destroyed by regulatory arbitrage. Businesses would move to the countries where the regulatory climate is the most benign and this would expose other countries to risks they cannot afford to run. Globalization was so successful because it forced all countries to remove regulations but, the process does not work in reverse. It will be difficult to get countries to agree on uniform regulations. Different countries have different interests which drive them towards different solutions." ---Jihad George $oros at Central European University

When you keep in mind the first quote, this quote from El Jefe $oros is quite chilling. $oros is calling for an international regulatory body to control the world's economies. (Think of the IMF on steroids and without an accused rapist running it.) I don't know about you, but I don't want some Eurotrash socialist or some whacked out jihadi that I didn't vote for making economic decisions on my behalf. Dealing with that crap from the Federal Reserve is quite enough, thank you.
Still not shocked ? You must have ice water in your veins. I'll just have to try harder.

"The United States ought not to shy away from the wider use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). That should induce China to abandon its peg to the dollar and that would be the best way to reduce international imbalances. Since SDRs are denominated in several national currencies, no single currency would enjoy an unfair advantage.
The range of currencies included in the SDRs would have to be widened and some of the newly added currencies, which would include the renminbi, may not be fully convertible. Therefore the dollar could still reestablish itself as the preferred reserve currency, provided it is prudently managed.
One of the great advantages of SDRs is that they allow the international creation of money. That would be particularly useful at times like the present. The money could be directed to where it is most needed. That would be a great improvement over what is happening currently. A mechanism which allows rich countries that don't need additional reserves to transfer their allocations to those who need them is readily available, and has already been used on a small scale." ---The Prince of Darkness, George $oros, at Central European University
This is a biggie, to say the least.
What Asmodeus $oros is asking for here would absolutely destroy the dollar, which at last check, is backed by nothing. The only thing that gives the dollar any value whatsoever is the fact that it's the currency of choice in the world. If for some reason the dollar was to lose its special status, the economy would, as Rush Limbaugh puts it, "assume room temperature". If you think the economy sucks larvae now, imagine a crappy economy with Weimar Republic-like hyperinflation. That's what $oros is calling for here.
And who does $oros want to "prudently manage" the dollar ? The international regulatory commission he mentioned earlier. Can we say "New Vorld Ordah" ? As the Kenyan Jew Hating Socialist likes to say, "Yes We Can!"
Another thing that should make you want to liquidate all of your holdings and buy gold is the fact that $oros is calling for an international organization that would redistribute wealth as it sees fit to whom it sees fit. Granted, our bloated and useless federal "government" already does that, but imagine it on a march larger scale by people we can't vote out. It's the stuff nightmares are made of.
Here's the bottom line, folks. We are in trouble like never before. If $oros' Jew-hating puppet Chairman Obama is reelected in 2012, the Republic is finished. The above quotes won't be the musings of a troubled old fascist, they will become the basis of the "New Vorld Ordah" that will run and ruin our lives.
God help us all.

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