Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project Gunrunner: Stupid Is As Government Does

From the Second Amendment-hating fascists at ATF:

"Project Gunrunner’s objective is to deny Mexican drug cartels the tools of the trade, which they employ to murder rival drug traffickers, civilians, as well as political, military, and law enforcement figures in order to strengthen their grip on the lucrative drug and firearms routes into and out of the United States."
This stupidity gave birth to Operation "Fast and Furious".
The idea was this: Allow the straw purchases of weapons in US southern border states and track the weapons to the cartel kingpins, while hoping no one was killed along the way. 2000 weapons were released into Mexico, but only 600 have been recovered thus far. In other words, we have 1400 unaccounted for military grade weapons in a rapidly failing state on our southern border. This government brain fart cost Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry his life, along with God knows how many innocent Mexican civilians.
Angry yet ? No ? Maybe this will make you angry:

"$10 million in ARRA funding is hiring 37 ATF employees to open, staff (via new hire and relocation of senior personnel,) equip, and operate new Project Gunrunner criminal enforcement teams in McAllen, TX; El Centro, CA; and Las Cruces, NM (which includes a subordinate satellite office in Roswell, NM.). Additionally, these funds support the assignment of two special agents to each of the U.S. consulates in Juarez and Tijuana, Mexico to provide direct support to Mexican officials on firearms-trafficking-related issues."

That's right, gang! Chairman Obama's Stimulus scam helped fund Operation "Fast and Furious". (Of course, our Dear Leader denies any knowledge of what Project Gunrunner and the ATF was up to.)
How on God's green and cooling earth did Congress miss this when pushing through the Stimulus package ? Why is it no one, on either side of the aisle, stood up and asked why this would be included in an economic stimulus bill ? (The Republican Panty--no typo--is just as guilty as the Democrat Party. Project Gunrunner was started in 2005 under the Bush administration.)
This is a clear indication that the United States, like Mexico, is on the verge of becoming a failed state. The bureaucracy has become so bloated that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, nor does it care. The Department of Justice has become an Orwellian parody and Congress has become the punch line of a really bad knock-knock joke.
God help us all.

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