Monday, May 9, 2011

This Changes Nothing....

"No wonder the president’s top generals call him 'a Cool Hand Luke.'
After giving the order for members of a Navy Seals team to execute a fantastically daring plan to, let’s be honest, execute Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama put on a tuxedo and gave a comedy speech Saturday night in a Washington ballroom of tippling journalists and Hollywood stars."--- Moron Dowd

The next time I hear anyone give Chairman Obama any praise for bringing down Osama bin Laden, I'm going to scream.

Before I get started, let me be, as our Dear Leader likes to say, "perfectly clear". I couldn't be any more proud of the brave Navy SEALs who shot bin Laden in the face. Bin Laden got what was coming to him, no question about it. This rant is obviously not about them, but about our Communist-In-Chief.

First of all, let's take an objective look at what Chairman Obama did. He was given information that Osama bin Laden was living it up in some mansion in Pakistan. Thus, he gave the order to send al-Qaeda's lead singer to Hell where he belongs. That's it. He didn't draw up the mission plan. He didn't pilot the helicopter. He wasn't watching anyone's "six". All Chairman Obama did was give the go-ahead, which every President we've ever had (except for Jimmy Carter and Bill Caligula who didn't have the Spauldings to do it when he had the chance.) would have done. This wasn't an example of bravery like Moron Dowd would have you believe. This was the act of a desperate, failing President fighting for his job.

Obama's presidency has been an utter failure. Poll after poll shows that a great majority (75%!) Americans think that the country is doomed. ( The economy is in shambles. (You don't need a link for that, do you ?) We've been bullied into a third, needless war in Libya by the UN, EU, and the Arab League while our own wars in Iraq and Trashcanistan have become expensive quagmires. (This is certainly not due to a lack of effort by our troops, but a lack of will by the empty suits that are our elected "leaders", and most of the blame needs to be heaped on Obama's puny shoulders since he put the wars on his "pay-no-mind list" since Day One of his Reign of Incompetent Terror.) He's hatched a health care scam that some in the media have called "creeping euthanasia". Obama's administration has had scandal after scandal, ranging from his mysterious birthplace to his involvement with eugenicists and communists like UNELECTED science czar John Holdren and the dearly departed Van Jones. With a track record like that, why wouldn't Commandante Obama not jump at the chance to do in America's most deadly enemy since Adolf Hitler, especially with an election around the corner ?

The most infuriating thing about this is the fact that Chairman Obama didn't give the order to whack bin Laden out of any sort of patriotic feeling. It's been rather obvious that he hates this country and all that it stands for. (Remember when he called the United States "arrogant and dismissive" ? People like Moron Dowd and Chris "I'll Have Another Drink" Matthews might forget these things when they have their Obamagasms, but those of us who live in Literalville, as Rush Limbaugh calls it, NEVER forgive or forget insults to our country like that. No damn way.)

Here's the choice we have folks: We can chant 2+2=5 while pretending Chairman Obama is some sort of great leader, or we can see the truth. And the truth, as ugly as it is, with its open sores and oozing pus is this: this changes nothing.

God help us all.

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